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how to make a clutch purse

how to make a clutch purse

How to make a clutch purse is easy to learn. Clutch purses are a necessary fashion accessory because they allow you to carry your essentials in a convenient way without spoiling your stride or your silhouette. For example, certain formal occasions call for elegant, simple shapes uncluttered by bulky bags. A clutch purse will not detract from your overall appearance while keeping makeup, money, phone, etc. in one place. It also comes in handy when you have a big tote to lug stuff around but you need something small to put the important things. For quick errands and sprints to the grocery store, you don’t need to bring your bag with all your necessary gear; a clutch purse will do just fine. Here’s how to make your own:

  1. Decide on your design. If the clutch purse is to be used for a specific occasion, then match your purse to the color and motif of your outfit. If it is for daily use, find a pretty color or print that you love. Make sure the fabric is hardy enough for the wear and tear.

  2. Prepare your materials.

    strong> You should have two pieces of fabric, one for the outside, and a coordinating print or color for lining. The size of the fabric should be the height of your finished purse multiplied by 2.5 plus 1 inch, so that if you want your purse to be 6”, your fabric should be 16” in length, including allowance. The width should be whatever you want the finished width to be, plus 1” for allowance. You may want to add heavyweight interfacing to give the purse some strength and structure. If so, you will need it a half inch smaller than the size of your fabric. You will also need magnetic snaps, matching thread, and the usual basic sewing equipment.

  3. Sew up your purse:

    Lay the purse material face up on a table (at this point, you may want to choose which part of the print will go on the flap side). On top of this, lay the lining piece right side down so that it is facing the print side of the purse fabric. Over the lining piece, lay down the interfacing, with ¼” of extra fabric on all sides. Pin all around. If you want the flap to have rounded corners, trace the edge of a plate or bowl along the two corners of the flap. Don’t forget to make room for the sewing allowance and to cut the interfacing ¼” smaller than the fabrics. Cut the corners off.

    A half inch away from the edge, sew through the three layers all the way around, starting from the bottom, all the way up the side, then the flap, and on to the other side. Stop about 5 inches from your starting point. Trim the allowance to within ¼ inch from the edges. Turn it inside out so that the interfacing is inside and the prints are out. Pin the opening closed and press so the seams lie flat and crisp. Whipstitch the opening closed.

    Fold the bottom part up to the purse’s finished size. Top stitch through the two layers close to the edge from one bottom corner, all the way around the side, up to the flap, and down to the other corner. There’s no need to sew the bottom. Press.

    Close the flap and mark the position of the snaps, then attach per manufacturer’s instructions.

As you can see, making a simple clutch purse is quick and painless. You can vary the size to suit your needs. A simple, daily clutch can be made with plain cotton or some such casual material. Denim will be useful for something that is expected to last a bit longer. For some glitz, you can use fabric such as silk, satin, brocade, suede or the like; fabric with embroidery, sequins or texture; or even fur or other specialty fabric. You can also add embellishments such as silk flowers and lace for a romantic feel, rhinestones and gems for bling, or studs and metallic accents for a bit of edginess. Follow these steps on how to make a clutch purse and rock your DIY fashion accessory!


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