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How to Make a Dog Bed

How to Make a Dog Bed

Dog beds feature different shapes, material and elevation.  It is important to have one for your pet dog so it can have its own place to sleep.  Making your pet sleep on the floor leaves it prone to parasites like ticks and fleas. Making it sleep on your furniture is definitely a no-no, as it will leave behind its smell and fur. A dog on your bed is not always good as sometimes dogs have parasites that can spread to humans.  Here are suggestions on how to make a dog bed for your four legged best friend:

  1. To save costs, utilize materials that are already available at home.  It could be an old furniture mattress, old side table, or simply used sweaters, pillows and beddings. Although if you are willing and can afford it, you can buy new furniture separately and use those items instead.

  2. It is best for your dog to have an elevated bed.  If you happen to have an old table, cut its four legs using a hand saw, leaving about 5 inches from the floor.  Make sure that they are sewn on the same length so it will sit firmly on the floor.

    t, it will become unstable and your pet will not like the unsteadiness of the bed. Make sure the side table can accommodate the full body of your pet dog. Position it in a warm corner where you intend to let your pet sleep. This should be in a less crowded area to allow your dog some peace and quiet moments.

  3. Measure a 2 inch thick old or new mattress to the size of the side table. Sew a cover made of your old bed sheets to cover the mattress. Put in a slit to allow it to slip out for easy cleaning. If possible, use warm materials, especially if you live in an area where nights are usually cold.

  4. If you have an old pillow or bolster, pass it on to your pet dog to complete its bed accessories. You can also utilize an old throw pillow. Your pet will gladly rest on it.  The idea is to make its bed warm, comfortable and tidy. This will entice your pet to go to that private place when it is nap time.

  5. Check your pet’s bed from time to time. When it starts to get smelly and soiled, remove and wash it.  It is good to have another set of beddings to alternate when it is laundry time. Also, teach your pet some discipline to keep the bed clean.  Discourage it from bringing in bones, which become spoiled after a while, or urinating on it, which is definitely a grievous act. Position the bed away from its feeding area and potty place to show the distinction.

You can exercise some artistry when planning how to make a dog bed. Your pet dog will be well rested when you provide it with a comfortable sleeping place.  This will help your pet to stay healthy and energetic as a good night’s sleep is essential for dogs. Good sleep, exercise and nutritious food can assure you that it is safe from common and serious canine diseases.


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