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How to Make a Dog Harness

How to Make a Dog Harness

There are a lot of different types of dog harnesses that are available commercially, but the best harness is the one that is made specifically for your dog.  This is because the fit is adapted to its actual measurements, making it more comfortable. You can also choose the color and design and make one for a special occasion, such as for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Learn how to make a dog harness for your pet dog and enjoy the benefits.  Here is how to make it:

  1. Measure the neck of your dog for the collar. Also measure around the body of your dog.  Give an allowance of about 6 to 8 inches. This is to make sure the harness you make will not choke your dog and the part supporting the body is also comfortable.  Making it tight will cause discomfort for your dog. You can make a pattern for the dog harness measurements and try it on your dog before cutting the nylon webbing or any other material you intend to use.

  2. Cut the nylon webbing according to the measurements and heat seal the ends with the use of a lighted candle or lighter.

    e it off as soon as it starts to melt and let it cool down. Be careful not to touch the melted webbing as this can hurt your fingers. Some opt to use a heated butter knife to seal the ends of the webbing, but make sure you never come in contact with the heated butter knife or you will burn your hands.

  3. Pin Velcro around 6 inches from each end of the collar.  Put the soft side on one end and the rough side on the other end. This will serve as the lock for your dog harness. Do the same for the chest or body piece. Test if it seals well. At the end of the webbing, sew a buckle tightly. Try this on your dog and make some adjustments before you sew the Velcro permanently into place.

  4. Put the two pieces on your pet dog. Determine the length between the two pieces and cut the webbing about 2 to 3 inches longer. Make a 1 inch loop on the side of the body piece and insert a D-ring. Secure one side on the body piece and the other to the chest piece. Make sure the D-ring is sewn tightly or it will snap off when you are pulling your dog with it.

  5. Through the collar, slide the loop of the middle piece to the chest piece and align. Put the harness on your dog to see the final fit. Make some adjustments if necessary and sew everything permanently together. For a dainty look, only let your dog wear a clean harness. Nylon webbing is washable and so are other materials used for harnesses.

Knowing how to make a dog harness is fun, especially if you are very interested in crafts. You can use many different materials aside from nylon webbing, such as grosgrain ribbon. Make your dog harness according to its usage. It can be used for walking, pulling and running.  Make your harness strong, especially if you have a heavy dog. Always keep in mind the safety and comfort of your pet dog.


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