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How to Make a Dog Leash

How to Make a Dog Leash

There are many kinds of dog leashes that you can just buy at pet supplies stores, but you can also make your own using any kind of material you like. Knowing how to make a dog leash can also give you the liberty to choose your own desired design and length. It is definitely more economical to make your own leash, and you will enjoy doing the craft. Here are the procedures to follow in making a leash:

  1. Determine what kind of material you want to use for your leash. You have options like using fabric, nylon webbing or even plastic shopping bags, which is also a way to recycle plastics. In this article, we’ll use fabric as our material for making a leash.

  2. Cut the fabric into strips of about 2 inches in width. If the fabric material is not long enough, you will have to sew to connect several strips, depending on what length you want.  Here we will make a 6 foot long leash. Making it very long has its disadvantages. For example, it may be harder to control the dog.  If the leash is not so long, you can just pull the leash from the handle to direct the dog while walking.

    f it is long, you have to roll it in your hands first, until it reaches a manageable length. Don’t make it so short that your dog will not have any room to move about when on the leash.

  3. Tie three pieces of the fabric strips you joined together. Put these strips inside the hook hole and fold. Sew the fabric to lock its attachment to the hook. Make sure you sew it securely to ensure that it will not give in when you pull your pet dog. Make a braid using the three pieces of fabric strips that are now attached to the hook until you reach the edge of the fabric strips. Braid uniformly to achieve a nice and neat look.

  4. To make a handle, fold the braided fabric strips about 6 inches from the end. Insert the end of the braid to a slot on the braid. Secure the fold by sewing the edge to the braid now inserted in the slot to make a 6 inch handle. Make the sewing tight as it might give in when you forcefully pull your dog with the leash. Trim the edge of the fabric and just insert the edge to the braid.

  5. You now have a brand new leash. Test this by attaching the hook to the collar and take your pet dog to the park. You can just relax on a bench while holding the handle of your leash, and your dog can now roam around up to the extent of the length of your leash.  You can make several leashes for your dog with different colors and designs. Use each one interchangeable. When a fabric leash is soiled, just wash it and reuse it again next time.

Learning how to make a dog leash is easy, and you can be creative when making it. Make it a hobby to create personalized items for your pet dog like a matching collar and leash. Make a fashion statement as you walk your dog around your neighborhood. Surely, your beloved pet dog will stand out from other dogs in these public places. Now that you know how to make your own leash, you can make some more using other materials available at home.


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