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how to make a drum

how to make a drum

As early as six months old, children can already tap on their toy drums and delight in the sound that it produces. As they grow older, this love of music may continue to expand. If this is the case with your child, learning how to make a drum can be a fun and interesting activity. Drums produce a variety of sounds that depend on the shape of the drum shell, the material used, the tension of the drumheads and many other factors. When you are making one from different materials, you are affecting the sound it will produce. It will be fun to make various kinds of drums and observe the difference in their sounds. These steps are easy and fun to do. Include your child in this activity and teach him or her to appreciate music even more.

  1. Look for a possible drum shell. Glasses, metals, ceramics or tins are materials that will give off a good sound. However, for younger kids, avoid breakable materials that may prove hazardous. Common drum shells are cans, bowls, vases and pots. Just make sure that it is not in use and there are no cracks or holes.

    It should still be in a relatively good condition.

  2. Once you have found the perfect drum shell, clean it by wiping it with a cloth. Check thoroughly for any damages that may affect the sound. To make this into a drum, one side should be closed and the other side should be open.

  3. There are many ways to cover the opening. One way is to use balloons. Depending on the size of the container, you must choose balloons of appropriate size and sturdiness. It wouldn't hurt to choose a color that you like. Buy different sizes, colors and types since you may be working on more than one drum.

  4. Cut the end part of the balloon, the part where the air is blown into. Discard this piece. Depending on the container, you will have to estimate up to where you are going to cut. Place the balloon over the container and stretch it in all directions until it covers the whole opening. Ask another person to help you accomplish this step.

  5. Secure the balloon by putting a thick tape over the sides. This will keep the balloon in place. You can also use something elastic to go all around the container. It will depend on the shape of the container.

  6. Another way to cover the opening is to use masking tape and a construction paper. Partially cover the opening with tape, criss-crossing the lines of tape as you work. Trace the size of the opening on construction paper. Cut the pattern and attach it on top of the tape. Secure properly.

  7. You can also use felt paper. For a more artistic approach, place a square of felt paper over the opening, covering it entirely. Place a rubber band to secure. The excess will make a nice decoration.

  8. For the drumsticks, you can use chopsticks. You can also make a ball of tissue and place it at the tip. Secure this with tape.

The steps on how to make a drum may sound intimidating, but the process is actually easy - not to mention affordable. You can make it with whatever materials you have at home. Make it more appealing by decorating the drum shell and even placing you kids’ names on it. Have fun and enjoy making music!


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