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How to Make a Drum for Kids

How to Make a Drum for Kids

Most kids love to learn how to play musical instruments, especially drums. However, it is too expensive to buy a child a mini-drum set, especially if he or she is just going to discard it after some time. What you should do is learn how to make a drum for kids using basic household materials. Not only will this be economical, but it will also be a great bonding activity for you and your kids. Moreover, your children will value the drum as they helped create it themselves. Read on for the detailed steps:

  1. Find a container that is cylindrical in shape. The bodies of drums are often cylindrical, so you can make drums out of large milk or coffee cans.

  2. Remove the lid of the container and decorate it. Strip the label off and use some construction or art paper to decorate the body of the cylinder. You can even add some fringes to the drum by cutting vertical lines in construction paper then wrapping it around the rim of the can.

  3. If there are sharp edges on the can, you can sand them down or cover them with masking tape.

  4. For the head of the drum, you can cut some wax paper, stretched latex balloons, or vinyl fabric to cover it. Remember that this is the striking surface of the drum, so whatever material you use, it must be able to produce a sound. Cut this into a circle around 5 cm wider than the diameter of the rim of the cylindrical container.

  5. Attach the drum head to the body: Lay it on top of the drum body, fold its edges over the sides of the container, and use rubber bands to secure them. Make sure that the head is pulled taut and has no creases.

  6. For each drumstick, attach a ping pong ball on top of a rod or stick. Wrap a small cloth around the ping pong ball then glue this onto the stick. To make your child feel as if he is playing a real drum, create two drumsticks.

The preceding steps show you how to make a single drum. If you want to make a complete drum set from household materials, read on:
  1. Gather several empty paint cans and bottles. They will make different sounds. Metal paint cans have sharper tones while bottles have deeper ones.

  2. To mimic a real drum set, you can put these cans on top of crates.

  3. For a bass drum, use a suitcase or trunk. It will create solid bass tones when you hit it with a pedal. To make the suitcase stand on its own, open it and place a few weights on its bottom.

  4. To create cymbals, use several pot lids and tie them using a rope or string.

  5. For your cymbals, create a stand using two broken floor lamps with a horizontal board attached between them. This board should be at least one foot above your head when you’re in the sitting position. You can mount your cymbals to it using the other end of the string.

By learning how to make a drum for kids, you just might kick-start your child’s musical career.


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