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How to Make a Duct Tape Coin Purse

How to Make a Duct Tape Coin Purse

DIYers and arts and crafts lover can create a cute and simple solution to hold their loose change, cards, IDs, and other knickknacks without looking far or spending extra money on a purse or wallet. You can easily make a duct tape coin purse using basic and inexpensive materials and tools. Just follow these steps on how to make a duct tape coin purseand enjoy exercising your creativity.

  1. You’ll need the following: duct tape, sharp scissors, a ruler, pencil, and sticky back Velcro or a pair of small magnets.

  2. Pick a work area with good lighting and a spacious, smooth, and flat work surface. Since you’ll be working with duct tape, clean the area first and choose a surface that allows you to pull off the strips easily.

  3. First, you need to create your very own “duct tape fabric” in the desired size. You can make a mock sample using a sheet of newspaper or some other paper material to determine the best size for you. Conversely, you can base its size on that of your pockets or actual coin purses for the perfect fit.

  4. You have the choice of cutting the duct tape into short or long strips, depending on the look you want for the finished product. For instance, you could stick about five short strips together crosswise or three long strips lengthwise, although working with short strips is easier. Attach the strips together so that they overlap about a fourth or a third of an inch. This will serve as the “lining” of your DIY purse.

  5. Cut off another set of duct tape strips of the same quantity and slightly bigger size than the first batch. This second batch will serve as the outer layer of your purse and go over the adhesive side of the duct tape fabric you just made. Consider using different colored duct tapes or ones with prints if you want something more eye-catching or trendy.

  6. Carefully stick the second batch of strips onto the adhesive side of the duct tape fabric. See to it that the top and bottom strips extend about half of an inch beyond the lining.

  7. Smooth out the double-layer duct tape fabric on your work surface to ensure that both layers are adhered to each other very well. Then, fold over the excess at the top and bottom of the fabric respectively to create a finished edge. Smooth it out with your ruler or the handle of your scissors.

  8. If you notice any uneven edges, trim them for a clean look. You can also mark the parts you need to cut off with a ruler and pencil for more precision.

  9. Lay the fabric down, take the bottom end, and fold it up close to the top end. The higher the fold, the deeper your purse will be. Make sure you leave enough space (at least an inch or more) at the top for the flap.

  10. Cut off a strip of duct tape to secure the sides of the folded sheet. Its length should be a bit longer than the sides of the duct tape fabric. Then, cut this strip in half lengthwise.

  11. Carefully tape half of one strip on one side of your purse's edge. Then, flip it over to the other side to seal the opening. Do the same thing for the other side. Cut off any extra tape after finishing this step.

  12. Snip off a bit of tape that has overlapped and sealed the sides of the opening of your DIY purse so that they open wider.

  13. Stick on the Velcro stickies or secure the magnets with a piece of tape on the portions where you want the flap to close.

Learning how to make a duct tape coin purse is so easy you can actually consider creating extra pieces to serve as delightful giveaways or gifts to friends and family. Or if you're enterprising enough, you can consider turning this crafting project into an income-generating hobby!


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