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how to make a fancy dress costume at home

how to make a fancy dress costume at home how to make a fancy dress costume at home

There are number of family affairs and social gatherings that require a fancy costume. Therefore, knowing how to make a fancy dress costume at home is beneficial since you do not have to spend money at a shop. Here are steps to create your own garment.  

  1. Pick your dress pattern. Essentially, you need to get a large-sized pattern manual and study it before you can sew your dress. Although there are plenty of pattern manuals in the nearby craft stores, checking first with Joanne Fabrics is a wise idea.

    You will notice that there are patterns available for shorter costumes, sleeker dresses, and lengthy evening gowns. What you are after, of course, is a dress design suitable to the occasion. Once you have spotted the perfect pattern, jot it down and take it out. Carefully study the readings provided on the pattern. There are patterns that seem to be more complicated, especially if you are not used to sewing clothing. At any rate, you can always choose a pattern that is more doable on your part.

  2. Get the necessary materials. On top of the list is your dress pattern, followed by lining accessories, appropriate thread colors, notions, embellishments, and decorative items. If this is your first time sewing a fancy gown, it is better if you have some sort of practice materials. At least, what you will make later on is more refined, more polished.

  3. Choose your main fabric. You should check the back of your pattern for the suggested fabric. Oftentimes, dress patterns have recommended fabric appropriate for the outline. In case there is none, you can choose either chiffon or satin. Some are fond of using lace and silk.

    If your main fabric is washable, it is better to hand wash it before starting to cut out your pattern. Washing it will allow the fabric to shrink down so you will get the exact size when you start doing the actual cutting.

  4. Prepare your linings, threads, and notion materials. You can find various styles of dress materials specifically made for lining purposes. The most important thing to consider here is that the shade of your chosen lining materials must blend with the color of your main fabric. Also, the color of your thread must be the same as the color of your dress.

    Necessary notions are snaps, zippers, buttons, and hooks. The thread you choose should be able to work with the set of notions you have.

  5. Your embellishment and decorative items are important. Likely, there are suggested items on the back of your pattern to make your dress a lot lovelier. Do not limit yourself to the listed items because you can actually do choose what you want.

  6. Cut out the dress pattern and lay it down on the fabric. This will not take much time. To properly place the pattern on your main fabric, simply refer to the guide provided with the pattern. For first timers, using less expensive fabrics for practice purposes is strongly recommended.

  7. Attach the pattern to the fabric and cut. You should follow the lines as well as the notches indicated. Once cutting is completed, you can now sew your dress together.

  8. Properly identity the hem of your fancy costume and hand-sew it. To accurately determine the hem, put on your high-heeled shoes first to make sure the dress will be neither too short nor too long. You better have someone at home do the measuring for you. Finally, put on your twinkling tiny brooches and little beads, and you’re done!

The real advantage of sewing your own fancy costume is you are certain that you get your favorite color, your own linings, brooches, and your exact fit. More than that, you save money. There are more guides available on the Internet dealing with the topic of how to make a fancy dress costume at home. You can check them out for further guidance.  


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