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how to make a first aid kit

how to make a first aid kit

A first aid kit is the very important first line of treatment in cases of emergency. With this, lives could be saved and wounds can be treated even without a professional doctor. Since it’s a first line of treatment, it is only advisable for minor treatment of injuries or wounds. That is why schools, offices, plants and manufacturing firms and other edifices have their own first aid box to use in times of emergency. Those learning how to make a first aid kit should be guided with accurate knowledge so that the kit package can be perfected.

  1. First aid kits are available in drugstores. Nowadays, there are commercially available first aid kits that we can buy in local drugstores as well as in other health care medical specialty stores. They are also available on many online sites. This means it’s no longer difficult to find first kits. The prices of these kits vary from each other based on the contents of kit. Smaller ones are cheaper than big first aid kits.

  2. Importance in homes, offices.

    strong> It is very important to have your first aid kit in your house or in the office. We should always remember that accidents can happen any time and first aid kits are very valuable first line of treatment in case of emergencies. If you want to assemble a first aid kit, it should look like a container or a sturdy box. The size varies from one kit to the other. Big companies usually have bigger kits than small companies. First aid kits for travel are, of course, smaller and handy too. Activities like skiing, climbing, camping, hiking, active sporting trips, and team building seminars come with a risk of injury, so bring a kit along.

  3. Important items in first aid kits. First aid kits should contain important items such as a resource book, which contains information about how to respond to emergency situations, medicines for treating wounds, cottons, bandages and local hospital numbers. Other items also include the following: adhesive tapes, triangular bandages, sterile gauze rolls, pads, cotton balls, scissors, matches, small torch light, batteries (all sizes), candles, paper, pencil, pens, paper cups, disposable alcohol wipes, novelettes, electrolyte drink packs, instant activated hot or ice packs, bulb syringe, medicine spoon, face masks, rubber gloves, etc.

    Medications are also among the most important items inside the kit. Some of the basic over-the-counter drugs that are very helpful include the following: aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, acetaminophen, sunscreen lotion, insect repellant, antiseptic lotion, creams, ointments, antacid, moisturizers, calamine lotions, cough medications and cold/flu medicines. You can also add herbal medicines if you want to.

  4. Make it easily accessible. Once the first aid kit is complete. You can put them altogether in the box and they should be easy to find and very accessible. Make sure all of the people in the house can easily find it in times of emergency. The same is true with the first aid kits in plants and manufacturing plants. Remember that employees manning the plants and manufacturing firms could get injured at any time from any source.

  5. Replace the kit with used items. Since items in the first aid kits are used in times of emergencies, you should make sure they are also replaced. In this way, you can always make sure the first aid kit is always ready to answer to distress calls.

You should also keep the kit in dry places and keep it out of reach from children. Learning how to make a first aid kit that is suitable for any type of emergency is not that difficult if you really think about it. All it takes is reading articles like this one, and the next thing you know you’re an expert in making your own first aid kits.


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