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How to Make a Frozen Tequila Sunrise

How to Make a Frozen Tequila Sunrise

If you’re one for cold, smooth, orange-flavored cocktails, there’s nothing prettier than a frozen tequila sunrise with a cherry on top. This delightful drink can liven up a party anytime or make a weekend at home even more special. The easy steps below on how to make a frozen tequila sunrise will have you cranking up your blender in a minute or two.

  1. Prepare the equipment. To ensure a smooth flow of your at-home bartending, make sure that all the equipment you need is within arm’s reach. You need a blender, measuring spoons, measuring cups, some plates, highball glasses, a knife, a chopping board, a saucepan (if you’re going to make your own grenadine), and a juicer (optional).

  2.  Prepare your ingredients. To make four servings, you need the following: 6 fl. oz. tequila, 22 fl. oz. orange juice, 4-8 Tbsp. grenadine syrup, and 6 cups crushed ice or small ice cubes. You also need orange slices and maraschino cherries for garnishing. Adjust the amount of tequila to your taste.

  3.  Make your own grenadine. Grenadine is the lovely, ruby-colored, pomegranate flavored liquid poured into your tequila sunrise drink to sweeten it up and give it that pretty, sunrise color. Commercial versions are available, but they typically contain corn syrup, artificial coloring and flavoring, as well as preservatives (ugh!). Real grenadine consists of pomegranate juice and sugar, and since it’s so easy to make, you might as well create your own for a tangier, healthier version. You can choose to juice your own pomegranates if you’re able to get the fresh fruit, but an easier way is to purchase pure, unsweetened, quality pomegranate juice. You need ¼ cup sugar for every cup of pomegranate juice, and you can easily double the portions if you need more. To start, measure the amounts you need, then mix together the pomegranate juice and sugar in a small saucepan. Heat over low to medium heat, and stir continuously to help the sugar dissolve more quickly and prevent it from sticking at the bottom of the pan. Continue stirring until the mixture boils, and simmer for five minutes or more until you get a thick, smooth consistency. Do not boil for too long since this can cause the sugar to crystallize and harden when cooled. You can now set the pan aside to cool. You may also add a small amount of lemon juice for some tartness. Use what you need and store the leftover grenadine in the fridge, where it can keep for up to three weeks.

  4.  Prepare your orange juice. For the zesty orange flavor of this drink, you may choose to use grocery store orange juice concentrate, or simply squeeze out the juice from some fresh oranges. If you opt for the latter, you can use a juicer to help get the most out of your oranges.

  5.  Prepare your glasses. Highball glasses are preferable since they can better hold the liquids in such a way that the pretty sunrise effect is achieved. Other shallow glasses, like the ones for margaritas, cannot hold the grenadine well at the bottom of the glass. To rim the glasses, spread the salt on a plate. Then, get a slice of an orange and run the rims through the inner part of the wedge to moisten them. Press the glasses upside down onto the plate to allow the salt to stick to the moistened rims.

  6.  Blend your cocktail. Toss in the tequila, orange juice, and ice in the blender. Blend on high until you get a smooth consistency. Pour into salt-rimmed glasses until you reach almost three-fourths full. Then, tilt each glass and carefully drizzle a tablespoon or two of grenadine down the side of the drink. You will see that the red liquid will sink to the bottom of the glass, creating that gorgeous sunrise effect. You can now garnish each glass with a maraschino cherry and an orange slice.

Now that you’ve learned how to make a frozen tequila sunrise, you can whip it up anytime you feel the need to unwind from a busy day and enjoy a delicious drink with friends.


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