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how to make a garden

how to make a garden

You have several choices if you like to know how to make a garden at home. You have a butterfly garden, a Zen rock garden, a wild flower garden, or a balcony garden, if you live in an urban area. For this article, we will discuss how to make your own garden on your balcony. By the time you are done you will feel that a garden can indeed bring life and balance and make your environment very harmonious. Many claim that gardens are quiet havens of tranquility, serenity, and peace. By merely watching over them closely, you can gain strength from nature that will enable you to face any situation with great assurance, calmness, and composure. In the West, gardens are regarded as stress relievers, an alternative way to help one appreciate life. To begin your gardening lesson, focus on the following tips and ideas.

  1. Assess the construction of your balcony. The construction of your balcony is very important, especially if it is high above ground. The weight of the plants and the weight of your garden bed or garden pots will have to be considered because, of course, that will be added to the existing weight of your balcony.

    In other words, you should refer to the building specifications, if available; to find out how much weight your balcony is capable of supporting safely. Most importantly, you should not exceed the recommended additional weight for your balcony.

  2. Work on the floor coverings. Initially, it is better to work on the flooring if your balcony floor needs sprucing up. Before you can set up your garden bed and plants, your balcony floor must be finished, rather than waiting until after the gardening work. Remember, when your garden is in place, it will be so much harder for you to work on the floor covering.

    For the floor materials, as much as possible, choose items that are light and weather-resistant. For example, lumber decking is ideal, not only because it is affordable but also because it is attractive.

  3. Choose garden plants that are balcony-friendly. There are several plants that can be considered balcony-friendly, but you might want to choose hibiscus. Although this variety is a little expensive, it is certainly worth the price, because what you will have later on is a garden that is easy to establish on your balcony. In addition, hibiscus will continue to bring you beautiful blooms every year. You can also try growing larger shrubs to enhance the overall appearance of your garden.

  4. Maximize your space. Since space on your balcony is quite limited, the best way to maximize it without overloading it is to use the railings and the walls. Try using hanging baskets on the wall to enhance your vertical planting space. Just make sure that they are mounted well. Also, garden pots are good to use because you can move them from one corner to another, especially if the weather conditions are extremely bad.

  5. Arrange your garden containers. You can be creative with the horizontal arrangement of your pots and containers. Mix various pot sizes while trying to create balance. Make your pots as colorful as possible. Instead of using heavy, stone garden pots, you could buy plastic containers, which are sturdy and much lighter.

  6. Install wind-breaks. There is really no problem for your plants in terms of sun exposure. The real problem is the strong winds that can affect your garden at times. Therefore, to protect your plants from falling and your pots from breaking, you should install screens and windbreaks, which should effectively neutralize intense winds. The windbreaks will ensure that your plants are safe whenever you are away from home.

There are so many options available when learning how to make a garden on your own successfully. Inspect your balcony now and start planning how to improve it even if you are a high above ground. Don’t forget those strong, forceful winds that your balcony is exposed to, however, and remember to observe basic precautions. Follow the steps above and transform your balcony with a refreshing and beautiful garden.


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