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how to make a ghost costume for kids

how to make a ghost costume for kids

Allowing your kids to participate in a Halloween gathering is another avenue for them to socialize with other children. This kind of affair requires a specialized type of costume. A ghost costume is very appealing to little kids. It is very easy to create, and you can add your own personal touch fit for your kids. Instead of spending some of your savings for kids’ Halloween attire, you can design your own by following the simple steps below on how to make a ghost costume for kids.

  1. Pick up the materials you will need. They include an old white bed sheet, white sweatpants, white hooded sweatshirt, cloth scissors, colored markers, baby powder, little plastic chains, and a Halloween make-up kit. In case you do not have an old, white cloth, buy one at a nearby thrift store. If the cloth is stained, bleach and wash it properly.

  2. Cover your kid with the cloth to get the appropriate measurement. Mark the white cloth for the eye and arm holes. Use any old crayon if there is no marker available.


  3. Cut out the marked holes with the cloth scissors. The eye holes should be large enough so that your little “ghost” can see comfortably and move his arms freely while enjoying the Halloween party.

  4. Cut any excess cloth off at the bottom. How much you cut off will depend on the height of your kid. Just make sure that costume falls a little below the knee level. Be sure to cut the cloth to create a somewhat frayed effect. This will add to the ragged ghostly feature of the costume. At the bottom part of the white sweatpants, cut the slits randomly for a messy effect.

  5. Cover your kid’s face with the baby powder or white face make-up from a Halloween make-up kit is applicable. Make sure your kid is not allergic to any product you choose. Making your kid’s face all white can create a “dead person” look. Further enhance the ghostly look by adding green and black make-up around your kid’s eyes.

  6. Put the sweatshirt and the sweatpants on your kid. The hood of the sweatshirt will keep your kid’s hair intact. The sweatshirt and the sweatpants will likewise keep your kids a lot warmer in case the Halloween party is outdoors.

  7. Put the little plastic chain on your kid as an added decorative. The chain will greatly improve the “dead” and “ghostly” look of your kid. He or she can carry the chain, tie it around their waist, drag it while walking, or just put it on their shoulder.

Making your kids happy with this type of attire during Halloween party is never hard. As long as you know how to make a ghost costume for kids, then you won’t have a problem at all. Happy Halloween!  


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