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How to make a gift bag

How to make a gift bag How to make a gift bag

Ready-made gift bags are now being popularized instead of gift boxes because they are very handy to use. Aside from that, they can be made easily at home. How to make a gift bag is very basic but will become quite special and unique with a bit of creativity. Although they are not that expensive, it is priceless to receive a gift with a bag that you cannot find in any department stores or gift supply outlets. Here are straightforward instructions:

  1. You can just fold a Christmas wrapper to form as a gift bag, but taking an old cereal box will make it sturdier. Cut the lid off the top cover. If the box is a lot bigger than your gift, you can trim it down to the most appropriate size.

  2. Use decorated paper to wrap the box. Make sure to wrap the bottom of the box as well. Extend at least two inches when covering the top so that you can fold the extra wrapping paper to cover a bit of the inside part. If you are planning to add more decorations, select either a plain-colored wrapper or just with some simple designs.

  3. Punch two holes on each side of the opening of the box to create the opening for the ribbon.  Cut two pieces of ribbon of equal length. They should be long enough to make the straps for the bag. Tie one end of the ribbon in a knot on the inside of the box and thread it through the hole. Thread the other end through the other hole on the same side of the box and secure with a knot on the inside. Repeat for the other side as well. Now your gift bag is ready for decorations.

  4. Match the theme of your decorations with the personality of the recipient. If you are making this bag for a lovely, young lady, you may want to choose a pinkish wrapping paper with some basic designs only. Just add some highlights like construction paper shaped as Cinderella’s shoes and sparkling with golden sequins.

  5. Use personal touches when making a gift bag for senior loved ones like grandparents who can be sentimental with some reminders of their grandchildren. Cut out heart-shaped photos of your children and paste on colored paper that is just a little larger than the photo. Trace the heart-shaped cutout leaving only enough space as borders. Attach them to the bag dramatically. You can even make a family tree as your decoration for this as well using the same photos.

  6. Stay away from tradition. Show off your message on the gift bag itself. Just use the tag to address the names of the recipient and giver. You can also just label the bag directly on the upper part of the gift bag. Messages can look very attractive depending on how you arrange them. Rhymes, poems, or simply a heartfelt dedication will be an artistic illustration. You can use your own handwriting or print it out from a computer and paste it on the gift bag as a unique decoration.

How to make a gift bag is fun especially when you are making them for a very specific person whom you care a lot about. The content of the gift bag will just be secondary.  The recipient of the gift will know quite well how much you care. Your handmade gift bag will speak for you. You are truly generous with what you have when you are willing to share your time, heart, and know-how with the special people in your life. It’s more precious that way.


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