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how to make a gift baskets

how to make a gift baskets

Gift baskets are certainly a great option as a giveaway or a gift on certain occasions. You can give gifts like this for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings and many other occasions. As gifts wrapped in boxes are very common, a nice and simple gift basket is a good way to make an ordinary gift more personalized. You can actually find and buy gift baskets at grocery stores and in malls but if you know how to make a gift baskets, it’s good to make it yourself. It’s very easy and fun to do! A gift basket is basically a selection of goodies wrapped up in a basket. The content and packaging usually follow a theme, depending on the occasion and on the receiver’s preference. Here are the steps, along with some suggestions on how your gift basket should look:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to think about the theme of your gift basket. One thing that you have to keep in mind is the occasion or the reason why you are giving it. The thing about a gift basket is that the tokens inside should be somewhat connected to each other.

    r example, if you are giving a gift basket to someone who loves fruit, the basket should have a variety of fresh fruits that the recipient would love.

  2. After thinking about the concept, it’s now time to gather together everything that you need. The first thing is the container. Two things to consider are the size and the type of container. Depending on the number of the items you intend to put inside, you should find a container that will be able to hold all of them. The next consideration is the type of the container. You can find many options in craft stores. You can use a box, basket or any form of container.

  3. The next thing is to buy everything that you want to put into the container. It’s good to include the right number of items so that the container won’t look too empty or too full. You can bring the container with you when shopping so that you can test how it will look.

  4. Assembling the items inside the container can be tricky at times. Use long and large items first. They will serve as space-fillers. Then fill in the small empty spaces with the rest of the items. Arrange them in a way that everything can be seen even without disassembling the gift basket.

  5. For some, the box or basket that they buy will be good enough that they don’t have to wrap the whole thing or add anything. However, if you feel that it somehow looks bare, you can cover the entire thing with a clear, transparent plastic wrapper then tie a bow at the top. In some cases, ribbon can be wrapped around the basket or box.

  6. Lastly, don’t forget to include a card with a note. Make it very simple and personal. Even just a one-liner is enough. Write your name so that they will know it is from you, especially if there are many guests bringing gifts.

Gift baskets have become a unique way of giving something to someone. It looks grand and beautiful without being too expensive. You can include many little things, as compared to giving just one big gift that you’re not sure about. Also, knowing how to make a gift basket yourself can save you lots of money. Plus, it adds a little personality and sentimental value to the gift; making it more precious to the one receiving it.


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