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how to make a graffiti marker

how to make a graffiti marker

Graffiti takes the form of markings or letterings done in a particular manner. For years, it has been used to artistically express opinions. To be able to make graffiti art, you must first know how to make a graffiti marker. The artistic value of graffiti has been the subject of long-term debate. Presently, a lot of vandalism takes the form of graffiti art; however, not all graffiti paintings are illegal. Many sectors of society use graffiti. In particular music genres, such as hip-hop, graffiti expresses pop culture. Political awareness campaigns also use graffiti to make statements or express opinions. Follow the steps below to make a graffiti marker..

  1. Use a tube glue stick as the body of your marker. If necessary, remove the glue with a spoon or Popsicle stick. There is usually a stick in the middle of the glue container, so remove it with a knife or twist and turn it loose. Avoid damaging the tube. Thoroughly rinse the empty tube.

  2. You will next need a dry eraser board.

    There are usually long, thick strips in an eraser. Remove one of the long parts of the eraser then roll it up tightly. You can add another layer if you wish, but make sure it will fit into the tube. Insert the rolled up eraser into the tube. You can add or remove eraser board as long as it will fit.

  3. Once you are satisfied with the size and amount of eraser board, remove it from the glue stick and set it aside.

  4. Using hot glue, cover the bottom part of the glue tube. This will cover any small holes and prevent possible leaks. Simply apply a thin coat of the hot glue and let it cool and dry.

  5. You will now prepare the ink. Pour a small amount of thinner into the tube. The amount of thinner depends on how you want your ink; a runnier ink will require more thinner. Do not fill up the tube.

  6. Return to the eraser board. Roll it again and insert it into the tube. Do not push it all the way down; allow some of the eraser material to stick out of the tube. This will be the tip of your marker.

  7. Let the ink be absorbed. You can shake the tube a little and turn it upside down so that the ink will flow to the tip of your marker. You can add a few drops of water to hasten the process. You can now use your very own graffiti marker!

Once you have mastered how to make a graffiti marker, you can make several of these using different colors of ink. Try making one now and see how it works!


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