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how to make a hair bow

how to make a hair bow

Are you still wondering about how to make a hair bow? The answer is right here. A hair bow is a great accent piece for an outfit. There are so many shapes, colors, and patterns of hair bows you can create, so you have many choices. Hair bows are good hair-styling pieces that can greatly enhance even a plain braid. The intricacies of your girls’ ponytail can be balanced with a beautiful hair bow. Create the right style of hair bow to fit the hair styling and the outfit by following the very simple direction below.

  1. Think of a very good design. If you cannot think of any, the Internet is your recourse. Choose a design that interests you, and study it closely. In that way, you will have a general concept on how to finish a more personalized hair bow. Determine the size of the hair bow you want to create.

  2. Gather materials: You will need ribbons, Velcro or hairclips, sharp scissors, a glue stick, glue gun, or any effective adhesive material, thin wire, and fray check.


  3. Make the ribbons or the actual bows. Cut the appropriate ribbon length corresponding to the hair bow size you would like to make. Tie a smaller bow with the ribbon just like the way you tie your shoelace. To achieve a fuller appearance, you can tie several hair bows and adhere them together one by one on the same hairclip. Try using various colors.

  4. Adjust the loops and cut the ribbon tips. Adjust the loops of the tied ribbon and then use your scissor to cut the tips. The cutting can either be straight across or crinkled a little. You can use zigzag scissors, if you have one, to create a beautiful V-shape. You can alter the ribbon tips to suit your desired style.

  5. Seal the ribbon tips. To avoid fraying, you need to seal the ribbon tips using your fray check. Otherwise, carefully seal the ribbons with the hot glue gun.

  6. Attach the hair bows onto the hairclip with a glue gun. For little babies, you will need a smaller hairclip or piece of Velcro.

After you have thoroughly followed the steps above in making a hair bow, dress up your little girls with the new hair fashion accessory you just made. For bigger girls, you can also consider teaching them how to make a hair bow on their own.


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