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how to make a hair bow out of ribbon

how to make a hair bow out of ribbon

Bow ribbons are always worn by little girls, female teenagers, and fashionable ladies to enhance their femininity. How to make a hair bow out of ribbon is not a mystery. Anyone interested can learn it. All you have to prepare is the ribbon long enough for the intended design, a glue gun, wire, and your creativity. You might also need a cigarette lighter for finishing touches. Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Ribbons will look fashionable when the ends are cut in a V-shape. You can do this by folding one end in the middle with both sides overlapping each other. Cut diagonally from the overlapping sides to the folded part.

  2. With the aid of a cigarette lighter, seal the ends of the trimmed ribbons by carefully applying a small amount of heat. Do not burn the ribbons. They are fine when they start to shrink a little.

  3. Place the right side of the ribbon outwards facing the surface. Make a four and one-half inch fold. The wrong sides will be touching each other.

  4. Make three more folded loops. They must be on top of each other. Check the edges to be sure there are no protruding parts. If so, adjust the measurements of the folds to make them even. No edges should hang over the others.

  5. Take the two V-shaped ends out from the bunch and place them in front. You can pull them slowly to make them line up at the center.

  6. Form the folded ribbons into a bunch pinning the middle part. Make small folds at the center and put them in place by pinching with your fingers.

  7. Secure the pinned center with a craft wire. Do the twisting at the back to show only the elegant part. Trim the excess wire to keep it clean. Avoid bulges also so that it can be clipped easily on the head without feeling any discomfort.

  8. Arrange the fluffy look of the ribbon edges until you get the desired look. You can loosen or tighten the fluffs tenderly as you please. If there are parts that seemed unbalanced, adjust the wire accordingly.

  9. Hide the wire by wrapping the center with a piece of thinner ribbon. Make sure to tie the knot at the back of the bow to conceal it.

  10. Eliminate the excess of the center ribbon. Secure the ends with a glue gun so that they can’t be seen in any way.

  11. Decorate the center with an attractive centerpiece by gluing it on. Gemstones, shells, buttons, or large beads can highlight a simple bow made of ribbon. A beaded string is a unique idea for the center décor. You can arrange it in a spiral form or simply leave it round.

  12. Attach the lined alligator clip at the back of the bow using the glue gun. Make sure that the placement is secure and the size of the clip is appropriate for the hair of the user. Balance the size of the bow as well with the alligator clip. The ribbon must be well-displayed, and the clip will put it in its proper place without being noticed.

How to make a hair bow out of ribbon can be flexible according to the type desired. If you have 15 inches of ribbon, you can make a 3-inch pinwheel bow starting with a 3.5-inch fold. You can also make a tiny, 2-inch bow with just 11 inches of ribbon. Use a narrower width for miniature bows. Make some varieties of these self-made bows, and you’ll be ready for almost any occasion.


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