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how to make a healthy relationship

how to make a healthy relationship

Many couples have asked about how to make a healthy relationship. They realized that the main ingredients of a healthy relationship include undying love, loyalty and faithfulness, trust, good communication, understanding, and quality time. Let’s discuss how you can accomplish each key element so you can improve your relationship with your partner:

  1. Express love. Should you be saying “I love you” three times a day? Do more than that; let your partner know you love and adore him or her as many times as you can every day. When it comes to saying “I love you,” there should be no inhibition whatsoever.

    Part of your expression of love is to remember important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Be the first person to greet your partner with “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary.” As a manifestation of your undying love, send  flowers or a gift with a romantic note to your partner’s workplace. It is like reliving the old days when you were still getting to know each other.

  2. Stay loyal and faithful. Loyalty and faithfulness are very important in order for a relationship to thrive further. On one hand, “loyalty” means you should stand by with your partner through thick and thin, and in sickness and in health. On the other hand, “faithfulness” means you will love no one but your partner, and your will never cheat in any way. Nothing is more annoying in this world than when your partner is casually fooling around.

    If there is no more spark in your love, and you believe you can neither be loyal nor faithful, talk about it. Face the problem until you come up with a common decision to end the relationship. After all, no one is ever willing to stay in a toxic and unhealthy love affair.

  3. Trust each other. For a relationship to survive the tests of time, trust is very important. This is especially true in a long-distance love affair where you can rarely see your partner. It is not good to check up on your partner every now and then because that will make you look insecure. Trust includes the “no blaming attitude.” When you mutually decide on anything that was originally initiated by your partner, believe that everything will be just fine. In case it fails, never blame your partner as if it’s all his or her fault.

  4. Maintain a good line of communication. Communication is equally important because this will facilitate understanding. In a conversation, know when to be the speaker (active party) and when to be the listener (passive party). When your partner is the active party, you have to listen carefully showing that you are interested in what he or she has to say. When you are the active party, clearly state your points and encourage your partner to ask a question on issues unclear to him or her.

  5. Understand each other. In a relationship, there may times that your partner wants to be alone. Don’t take that mood as something against you or think that your partner is avoiding your presence. Understand that part of the uniqueness of every individual is to savor a kind of freedom that no one else can understand but him or her alone. Also, if your partner fails on anything, be the first person to extend understanding and comfort.

  6. Spend quality time together. Often, many couples forget to unwind, relax, or spend time together due to their extremely busy schedules. It is not bad to spend a night together at a hotel, go to a beach club, or watch a movie together. If your body needs rejuvenation to stay healthy, so does your relationship. You cannot just assume that everything is all right as long your partner comes home every day after work.

People need to know how to make a healthy relationship if they want to keep the fire burning with their girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or spouse. Also, you should exhibit admirable characteristics that can significantly contribute to the maturity of your relationship. Learn to apply the tips discussed above and see good results afterwards.


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