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How to Make a Homemade Drum Set

How to Make a Homemade Drum Set

Buying a whole drum set can be very expensive. If you have always wanted to become a drummer but never found the money to buy a set, you can opt to make a homemade drum set. This is great if you are considering playing drums as a hobby. Moreover, knowing how to make a homemade drum set enables you to practice your drumming skills while saving up for a real drum set. This can also be a good toy for your kids who might develop an interest in playing drums. Whatever your reason is, a homemade drum set is easy to make just by using common household materials. Here are the steps to creating your own homemade drum set:

  1. Gather your materials:

    Two ice cream containers (five quartz each) with lids

    Two yogurt containers (32 ounces each) with lids

    Five plastic containers (8 ounces each) with lids

  2. Attach the lids to the containers, making sure that they are tight enough so that the vibrations and sounds will be good.

  3. Before you connect the makeshift drums to each other, you can decorate it first according to the way you want it to look. If this is going to serve as a toy for kids, you can ask your kids to help you decorate the drums. You can simply use markers and to draw something on the drums. You can even use cutout images from magazines and books, then glue them onto the sides of the drums.

  4. Arrange the makeshift drums on a flat surface. Place the two ice cream containers side by side. Then, place the two yogurt containers on the upper and lower contact points of the ice cream buckets, in such a way that you form a small hole in the middle of the containers. Finally, you can arrange the five plastic containers so that they also touch the yogurt and ice cream containers.

  5. Cut at least 14 strips of double-sided tape with varying lengths. Use two pieces of 5-inch double-sided tape strips to attach the ice cream buckets to each other. To attach the yogurt containers to the big ice cream buckets, use four pieces of 4-inch tape strips. For the smallest containers, use eight strips of 2-inch double-sided tape strips to attach them to the other drums. For reinforcement, use additional tape as necessary.

  6. For the drum sticks, you can use chop sticks or paint brushes. You can also use other kinds of sticks since different kinds can also make different sounds.

In general, you can experiment with different kinds of household materials in order to make homemade drums and even cymbals. If you do not have the containers said above, you can use any plastic buckets or containers that are large in size to create toms, which are drums that sound like bongo drums and higher pitched bass drums. You can even experiment with different sizes to figure out the sounds you like and don’t like. If you want to make snares, you can use paint cans because of their metallic sound. You can even use a variety of pots and pans to create contrast in the sounds of your drums. These create sharper tones compared to plastic drums. If you are not a professional drummer anyway, there is no need to pay a huge amount of money just to buy a drum set. Knowing how to make a homemade drum set will save a lot of money and provide entertainment for you and your family at the same time.


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