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How to Make a Manís Straight Hair Wavy

How to Make a Manís Straight Hair Wavy

Some days, you feel like changing up your look just to add some variety, especially if your natural hair is straight. If you want to achieve that devil-may-care, beachy, sexily tousled hair that you often see framing the faces of many male celebrities and that underwear model on the poster you keep seeing on your way to work, just follow these hints on how to make a man√ā¬ís straight hair wavy:

  1. First, you need to grow your hair out a bit. That's because waves or curls take up more hair length. So be patient and allow yourself time to let your mane get longer. In the meantime, you can use hair wax or gel to muss up your hair with your fingers and create a naturally tousled look.

  2. If you have enough hair to create waves, consider using a set of curl-enhancing products to coax your hair into the look you want. Start with a curl-boosting shampoo and conditioner. Use a wide-toothed comb in grooming your hair so you don't smooth out your locks too much. The wide gaps in this kind of tool help preserve and encourage waves.


  3. Use a curl-boosting or enhancing gel, spray, or mousse designed for men. The amount you apply depends on the thickness and length of your hair. Make sure your hair is damp (about 80-90% dry) before you apply any of these products so you maximize the results. Start at the roots and work up to the tips, scrunching your hair with your fingers as you go to coax out the waves. For optimal effect, blow dry your mane in sections while scrunching. Better yet, use a diffuser attachment with the dryer to produce better waves. Then, mist a bit of hair spray to set the waves. Avoid overspraying as your locks will look too stiff and unnatural.

  4. You can use hair rollers, if you want even and well-defined curls. Apply some gel or setting lotion to clean damp hair and set sectioned locks in rollers. Make sure each section is not too thick. Leave the curlers to set your hair for about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your hair's texture. Thicker hair will take a bit longer.

  5. Using a curling iron is also effective in creating waves in your straight hair. Twist each sectioned lock around the wand, taking care not to let the iron touch any part of your scalp. Make sure you start curling at least an inch from your scalp. It is recommended to use some hair serum before you apply the iron so your hair is better protected from the heat. Set your waves with a light hair spray and scrunch the results as a finishing touch, to make it look more natural.

  6. If you don’t want the hassle of having to style your hair in waves daily, consider getting a perm. Do know that this is a permanent solution and involves the use of chemicals that may dry out or even damage your hair. To mitigate this possibility, make sure you moisturize or condition your hair several days before the perm. You'll also need to condition your hair when showering and then apply leave-on conditioner to ensure your hair is sufficiently moisturized, preventing split ends and breakage. Also, pick a stylist who specializes in perming men's hair.

You might get clever ideas on how to make a man’s straight hair wavy as you try out these tricks. Whatever you do, avoid doing a DIY perm as this process requires proper training, technique, knowledge, and experience. You may end up damaging your hair, instead of making it look attractive, if you do so.


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