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how to make a meat loaf

how to make a meat loaf

Cow’s meat can be processed or cooked in many different ways. As long as the meat is properly prepared and cooked, nothing beats the taste of beef. One recipe loved by millions of Americans is meat loaf. That is why so many people are inspired to learn how to make a meat loaf perfectly. You need to prepare the following: a half teaspoon of black pepper, two cups of bread crumbs, butter, mustard, eggs, ground beef, milk, onions, salt, Worcestershire sauce,  food processors, mixing bowls and loaf pans. It would be better to use newly ground black pepper. The breadcrumbs must also be fresh. The spices must be finely chopped. More importantly, the utensils and cooking area should be clean. The following steps will serve as your simple guide in making meat loafs at home. Remember, you don’t have to be an expert cook to do these steps.

  1. Select the best meat. Meat loaf is primarily made of beef, but not all parts of the cow’s meat are good for making meat loafs. Ensure that the meat you’ll use is composed of total lean meat, fresh, soft and tender.

    meat must be certified by the USDA and must come from a reliable and licensed butcher shop.

  2. The meat must be finely ground. Make sure that there are no traces of cow bones while grinding. Bones, even if they are very tiny, can be very disruptive.

  3. Handpick the best spices. Not all spices displayed in the supermarket are of good quality. Some vendors conceal the true condition of their spices. Make sure that you buy the best ones. For example, on the outside an onion may look good, but it may be facing internal deterioration. Determine the freshness of black pepper by smelling it.

  4. Prepare the kitchen and the cooking materials. Before preparing the meat, the kitchen and the needed kitchen utensils must be cleaned. Your apron must be spotless. Wear your hair net or head cap and face mask. Cut your fingernails if necessary. Wash your hands from the elbows down to the fingertips. Apply hand soap and rinse thoroughly. Remember, cleanliness is very important in every step of food preparation.

  5. Mix all the ingredients with the meat. Put all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Use your bare hands to mix everything. This is the very reason why your fingernails have to be short, clean, and without color.

  6. Pre-heat the oven. Before placing the baking pan that contains the prepared meat, the oven must be pre-heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Pre-heating will ensure that the meat will be cooked all over, not half-baked.

  7. Get ready for cooking. Put butter on the loaf pan. The meat that you prepared in step five must now be transferred to the loaf pan. The butter will not only add flavor to the meatloaf, but it will also prevent the meat from sticking on the loaf pan while baking.

  8. Bake the meat. Place the loaf pan loaded with the meat into the pre-heated oven. Bake it for 45 to 50 minutes.

Whether you’re making meat loaf for your family or guests, the procedures are the same. Just follow the above steps on how to make a meat loaf and you’re guaranteed to serve delicious meal to your family each and every time.


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