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How to Make a Messy Ponytail

How to Make a Messy Ponytail

One of the quickest ways to fix your hair is to tie it into a ponytail. Since a ponytail is easy to do, most people see it as a last-minute resort to conceal a bad hair day. However, there are many variations of ponytails that you can rock not just during a casual day at work but also even during special occasions, like parties and gatherings. In fact, many celebrities have sported a messy ponytail, in particular, at red carpet events. If you want to achieve this sexy yet laidback style, here are different ways on how to make a messy ponytail: Basic Messy Ponytail

  1. Blow-dry your hair with your fingers instead of using a hairbrush. This will give your hair a more disheveled look, which is perfect for a messy ponytail.

  2. Part your hair to the side and section off front pieces of your hair so that you have hair strands carelessly framing your face. Use your ears as a guide in sectioning off the front hair strands.

  3. Backcomb the back sections of your hair and tie it into a mid or low ponytail.

    Use a neutral colored elastic band for a low-key effect. Shake your ponytail to make it loose and bumpy.

  4. Twist the front pieces of hair with your finger to give it some wave. You may also use a curling iron, but keep the heat setting to a minimum to avoid tight curls. Brush them off your face with your finger so that you keep the messy look.

  5. You can use hairspray on the back for extra hold. You can add decorative pieces like ribbons for extra flair.

Messy Side Ponytail
  1. It is best to put hair that has not been washed for a day into a messy ponytail. If you have already washed your hair, use a volumizing spray to build texture.

  2. Make a deep side part using a rat-tail comb.

  3. Backcomb the top part of your hair downward toward your scalp to make the top part smooth. However, don’t brush too much so that you still retain the messy look. Use bobby pins to secure the backcombed section.

  4. Take all of your hair and tie it in a low ponytail. Pull your hair to tighten the elastic band as tight as possible. This will also push your hair and make it messier while also adding volume at the top.

  5. Take a half-inch section of your hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band holding your hair. Secure this on the elastic band with a bobby pin.

  6. Shake your ponytail with your fingers to give it a messy look.

Messy Wrapped Ponytail
  1. This ponytail works best for curly or wavy hair. If your hair is straight, use a volumizing spray or tease your hair beforehand for extra volume.

  2. Create a half ponytail with the top of your hair and secure it with an elastic band. Make sure that you leave a few hair strands to frame your face.

  3. Grab a one-inch chunk of hair below the half-ponytail and put it one side for later.

  4. Create another ponytail with the remaining section of hair. Combine it with your half-ponytail using an elastic band.

  5. Get the one-inch section that you separated and wrap it around the ponytail to hide it. Secure it with bobby pins.

  6. Apply hairspray to hold the look.

There are many different ways you can learn how to make a messy ponytail. These ponytail variations add more fun to the rather basic ponytail look.


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