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How to Make a Mosaic

How to Make a Mosaic

Learning how to make a mosaic will test your creativity and imagination. You will have to combine different colors and shapes in order to create a unique work of art. When you look at each piece individually, you may think it is ugly, but to fully appreciate any mosaic, you have to look at it in its entirety. Mosaic deeply encourages the mind to utilize things that are deemed pieces of junk and useless to create a final piece that is very beautiful. For instance, some of your pictures may be very boring, monotonous, and unattractive. However, when they are put together and formed into something new, the same old pictures will be transformed into an interesting art piece. Therefore, making a mosaic is a great idea. If you want to make your own mosaic tile art for a garden pathway, the steps below can help you.

  1. Think of a good mosaic design. Before you start, make a mosaic plan, in terms of tile shapes, tile alignment, and color combinations for the garden pathway. Take any necessary measurements to plan tile sizes.

  2. Buy the materials from any home improvement store in your locality. Buy tiles, tile grout, and cement. If you have extra tiles at home, you can still utilize them by carefully cutting them into the desired sizes. Use a diamond cutting tool to properly cut the tiles.

  3. Measure and cut the tiles. Put a steel straight edge or steel tape over the tile and hold it firmly. Then cut using a diamond cutting tool. The cut stroke need not be very deep because a mere consistent scratch on the tile is good enough. After you have made a straight scratch, hold both sides of the tile with snips, and then apply enough pressure downward to break the tile right on the straight line. Repeat the process for all other tiles.

  4. Prepare the cement and the pathway. Mix water, cement, and fine sand together in the proper proportions. You cannot just put cement or adhesive directly on each of the tiles or the ground. You must lay-out and pave the garden pathway.

  5. Pour the mixture on the lay-out area. Be careful not to spill outside the lay-out area. While the cement is still well, start applying adhesive on every tile.

  6. Place the tiles in accordance to the mosaic concept on the wet cement. Make sure you do not overlap the tiles to avoid uneven surfaces. Wait until the cement and adhesive dry.

  7. Prepare and apply tile grout in between tiles. Allow it to dry before walking on your newly designed garden pathway.

You may think it is a little bit complicated to go through the steps on how to make a mosaic art in your garden pathway,  but the money saved and ability to completely customize make the effort well worth it. Couple your imaginative mind with perseverance, and you will see that you can get the job done.


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