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How to Make a Mosaic Table Top

How to Make a Mosaic Table Top

Mosaic is a unique form of art using colored glass, pieces of colored stones, shells, tiles, or any material of a similar nature. History tells us that mosaic art had a spiritual significance in Roman and Greek churches during the fourth century. These days, this decorative art is widely used in interior design; thus, many artists are inclined to learn how to make a mosaic table top. The process in making mosaic patterns can be very demanding, especially if you haven't tried it before. The good news, however, is the fact that your design can last a lifetime. To keep you going, read the following steps. This may be your first time, but for as long as you are properly guided, you can actually create a lasting piece of art.

  1. Gather the materials needed. Your primary material can either be stained glass or broken tiles. For starters, tile is preferable. You'll also need a sufficient amount of grout, mosaic glue, and sealer. Place hand gloves, a damp sponge, squeegee, nipper or tile saw, and trowel just within your reach. Of course, you should work in a well-lit area.

  2. Make a design. If you want to create an ordinary yet formal pattern, pick three colors to create a heart shape, half-moon, sun, or a flower. For beginners, just start with a very simple design. Complicated patterns are possible for experts in mosaic art.

  3. Break the tiles into pieces. Put the tiles into a thick paper bag and slowly smash them with a nipper, hammer, or tile saw. If you want to smash the tiles piece by piece, that’s okay. Just start smashing on the underside so that the tile surface doesn’t get scratched. After that, sort out the broken pieces into small, medium, and large; this will help you easily identify the tiles depending on the size needed. Of course, while sorting, put on your hand gloves to avoid injury.

  4. Spread mosaic glue. Use a small trowel to apply a sufficient quantity of glue over the table surface. Apply some pressure as you put on the mosaic tiles so they set better. If you notice excess glue on the edges as you press, just leave them that way; they'll be covered with grout later on. Make sure to leave at least 1/8 inch space in between tiles for grout application.

  5. The technique in this step is to spread the glue in small sections over the table, then place the tiles down; this will keep the glue from drying quickly. Repeat the same process until the entire design is completed. Allow your artwork to dry within 20 to 24 hours.

  6. Prepare the grout. Follow the instruction written in the package in mixing the grout formula. Many artists, though, prefer using pre-mixed grout; they just add a little amount of acrylic paint depending on the color they like. For beginners, using pre-mixed grout is highly recommended.

  7. Apply a sufficient amount of grout. Use hand gloves and squeegee as you work on the grout. Put on enough grout in between mosaic tiles and press a little. Keep on applying until you reach the edges of the table. The technique in this step is to smoothly apply the grout around the edges. When finished, allow the grout to dry and then remove any excess grout using a damp sponge.

  8. Apply sealer. Use a roller brush to apply the sealer; this keeps the grout in place every time the mosaic table gets wet. If there isn’t a chance that the table will get wet, you can do away with the sealer.

Mosaic remains very popular. This is the reason why a lot of interior designers are still discovering more techniques on how to make a mosaic table top. In your case, there are still so many patterns, designs, and shapes you can try. Begin with the patterns that fit your personality. In time, you will be able to share your artistic designs with your friends and colleagues.


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