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how to make a paper Christmas tree

how to make a paper Christmas tree

Paper crafting is a fun pastime and quite productive, too. Especially when there are young ones around who need a break from TV, computers and ceaselessly moaning about being bored. The holidays are especially stressful and hectic; a bit of preoccupation with something crafty and creative will get kids to settle down for a while. Grown-ups will also enjoy putting hands and hours to productive use, especially when the paper crafting project will yield something beautiful and functional, such as a home décor, a table centerpiece or a mantel ornament. If you’re looking for a way to do something crafty with your time, here’s how to make a paper Christmas tree. There are many ways to make paper Christmas trees. The basic material is, of course, paper. But even with only one material, a great many variations can be made, all worthy to show off in your holiday decorating skills. Different kinds of paper can be used to make them. Construction paper, gift-wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, cardstock, etc. – all will make attractive paper Christmas trees. You can make the following and be assured of a worthy output each time.


  • Accordion tree. You will need a piece of green cardstock (A4 size will do) or thick scrapbook paper, glue, a hole punch, a star or other tree topper and a string. Make one-inch accordion folds across the width of the entire paper. Fold it flat, like a closed fan, and punch a hole through the thickness at one end. If the paper is too thick for the puncher to cut through at one go, do it in small increments but try to hit the same spot through all the folds. Glue the last accordion fold to the opposite end so that the paper forms a tube. Put a string through all the holes; when you get to your starting point, draw the string tight so that the top closes, but not too tight that the folds are squashed or deformed. Make a bow with the ends of the string to tie it off. This should cause the top to draw close and the bottom to flare, giving the paper the appearance of a tree. Top off with suitable tree topper.

  • Standing and Sewn or Stapled Tree. You will need card stock, scissors, and a sewing machine or stapler. Fold a piece of cardstock in half and draw a Christmas-tree shape on one side of the paper, making sure that the tree’s middle part is on the fold. Cut it out. Trace and cut two other shapes by using the first one as pattern. Layer the three shapes one on top of the other. Using the middle fold of the pattern as a guide, sew or staple along the middle so that all three layers joined. Adjust the folds of the paper along the sewn middle part so that they point to equal and opposite directions. The tree should be able to stand.

  • Paper Fringe Tree. You will need construction paper, green lightweight paper, a tree topper, glue and scissors. Cut a triangle shape from the construction paper and make a cone. Cut the base so that it can stand on its own. With another sheet of paper, cut strips one inch long. Make fringe cuts on one side of the strips and run the fringes under the sharp edge of a scissor blade so that it curls up. Wind and glue the fringe around the cone, going up slightly and the curled fringes overlapping the one below it, all the way to the top. You may need to adjust the tightness and angle of the strip so that the fringes will not leave any gaps through which the cone will be visible. When you reach the top, finish off neatly and hide the point with a small Christmas tree topper.

  • These are only a few ways of how to make a paper Christmas tree. Once you get started, you will have many other kinds to try. Enjoy and happy holidays!


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