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how to make a paper snowflake step by step

how to make a paper snowflake step by step

Paper cutouts can resemble that of snowflakes. They don’t actually melt, but they provide the same excitement and enjoyment to children when playing with them. It is best to know how to make a paper snowflake step by step first before teaching children. The tutorial flow will be smooth if you’ve already mastered these steps. Making paper snowflakes is fun in itself. This activity will transform your home into a festive gathering. Sometimes paper snowflakes are even better than the real thing. Children can’t get messy or wet. They do not have to go outdoors and take a chance to get a hold of some captivating snowflake forms. Different cutting methods will create various paper snowflake designs. You just have to apply some tricks to amaze your young students with the outcome of their efforts. This is how you can make the steps easier to follow:

  1. Use a regular-sized, white piece of paper because it is handy. The size is around 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Form a square by folding one side diagonally to the opposite side.

    ill on its folded triangular shape, cut the excess portion at the bottom.

  2. Raise the folded paper with the middle tip of the triangle pointing up. Mark the corresponding side of the center of the triangle by folding slightly to leave a mark.

  3. Divide the triangle into three equal parts by folding the right corner in to form the first triangle from the marked portion. This will be at 60 degrees if you are using a protractor. Also fold the left side in the opposite direction to form the second triangle. The middle should be the third.

  4. Fold the fused three triangles in half. It should look like a cone cut in half only in an inverted triangle shape. When you cut a triangle in the middle, the result will be a smaller triangle which is twice as small as the original.

  5. Cut the triangle flaps to make the cut horizontal. This should look like a perfect triangle but still be fused together. Make sure that you do not cut the tip of the triangle.

  6. Draw a design on the fused triangle. What you see is just one part of the 12 equivalent portions. Do not cut on the connecting side of the triangle. This will serve as the base of the snowflake. The base must hold them together to create the continuity of the design. It is like one design being duplicated twelve times internally.

  7. Eliminate the excess paper apart from the design you made by cutting it away thoroughly. It should receive a clean cut. A design cut halfway will look awful. It will lose the magic when done partially.

  8.  Unfold the cutout carefully, and your incredible snowflake will reveal its grandeur as you flatten it against a surface. Continue doing the process until you are satisfied with your paper snowflake collection. The beauty of this project lies in the mystery of how a specific snowflake will actually look after incorporating a common design for all sides. The transformation as a whole is very fascinating for both adults and children.

You may want to apply this method on how to make a paper snowflake step by step for older students as well. You can try 3D snowflakes. The craft produced will be a six-armed, three-dimensional snowflake decoration that will look captivating on a tree or over a window sill. The procedure will be a little complicated, but this can be done by anyone who is equipped with scissors and has a full dose of patience.


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