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how to make a paper toy

how to make a paper toy how to make a paper toy

The method of how to make a paper toy is often mistaken as something complicated. The truth is, it is actually easy to do, not to mention fun. There is a sense of fulfillment after making something really cool out of a plain sheet of paper. Making paper toys is a good time for parents to bond with their kids. You can make paper toys together and play with them afterwards. Aside from showing your kids that fun does not mean expensive electronic toys or computer games, you can bring out the creative side of your kids. You can also test how well your kids follow simple instructions. One of the most popular paper toys, especially for boys, is airplanes. You get to throw it as far as you can and see how gracefully it glides in the air. It is relatively very simple and economical to do since all you need is a regular piece of paper. Later on you can experiment with bigger or smaller pieces.

  1. Place the piece of paper on a flat surface vertically.

  2. Fold in half vertically. Unfold.

  3. Fold the upper top left corner to align with the crease in the middle that you just made to create a perfect triangle flap.

    Do the same with the upper top right corner. The piece of paper should now have the shape of a simple shape.

  4. Fold the new triangle down at the line created from the two flaps.

  5. Repeat step 3.

  6. Fold it vertically in half but fold it backwards this time so that the flaps are on the outside.

  7. Depending on which side you’re looking at, fold the left or ride side towards the middle and align the sides of with the center. Turn it over and do the same on the other side.

  8. You can open the two flaps you just folded, which are the wings, and hold onto the middle piece of the paper plane to throw it. You’re done!!!

To make it fly, throw the paper plane a little bit upward but aim forwards. To make your airplane more interesting, give it some color. If your kid loves to paint or use crayons, let him decide and let his creativity get to work. To make it bit more realistic, you can draw on doors and windows. You could also use various kinds of colored paper to make assorted colored airplanes. To personalize it even more, you can even write down your kid’s name on the airplane! Experiment with different types of papers and sizes. You will see that there is a difference in how far your airplane can go. Make a perfect paper airplane and have airplane races with other kids. The flaps or the wings also make a huge difference in how far the plane can go. Experiment with adding flaps or adding weight to the wings. See what happens. Learning how to make paper toys can bring a lot of fun and entertainment to a kid’s day.


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