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how to make a picture book

how to make a picture book

Picture books are not created for children only but, according to its history dated back since 1902, they were primarily structured with children in mind. These books contain visual illustrations together with written narratives. Although they are helpful to keep the limited attention span of children to allow understanding to set in quickly, they generally captivate readers from various age brackets. Here’s how to make a picture book for children:

  1. Start with creating a character. Lovable, living creatures such as animals have remarkable effects on our little ones. This is because they can associate themselves with the traits, adventures, and actions of these creatures with varied personalities. Where else did the word “animation” originate from?

  2. Do not complicate the script. Make the story lines as simple as possible. Scenes and settings must be geared to teaching lessons about common moral values. Sentences must be brief but full of action. This is to stimulate the brain of young readers.

    ere should only be one major focus on each page. Learning will be more difficult if there are other instructions.

  3. Apply basic computing skills when making a picture book. Using a word processor, either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, create the pages one by one. Design the page by allocating ample space for the illustrations. Choose a clear font with great emphasis on the first letter. You can use the drop-cap feature to get a fancier look that is more appealing. This is like giving a signal to the readers to “start reading here.”

  4. Draw the corresponding illustrations manually. Color the drawings to make them more attractive. Use a writer if you have some difficulty or ask someone else who is more adept for the task. Make sure that the sketches signify the narrated action or situation. You will still be on top of the images because you’re the only one who knows the accurate directions that must be given to the artist.

  5. Attach the illustrations to your word pages digitally by scanning them. You can add them to each page as planned by uploading them one by one to the intended spaces. Create the page layout using the commands available. You can automatically arrange the text around the visual, underneath, or over it and see which one is more suitable. You do not have to deal with the layout if this picture book will be printed by a publisher. Just supply the contents as required.

  6. Print your own picture book with a quality, laminated paper. Bring them to a book binding shop that is affordable. It will then look more professional. If you want to do it yourself, use a three-hole puncher and the matching fastener or a three-ring binder. You can even sew them together using thick, colored yarn if you want a customized look.

  7. Follow the required format of the publishing company if you are supplying them for a certain publisher. The texts are normally separated from the visuals in a manuscript. They can also be transmitted through email as texts in Word format and the scanned illustrations as attached files.

How to make a picture book is workable if you are a creative person with fascinating ideas. Layouts and printing tasks are secondary. You are actually selling an idea that is originally coming from you. You can trace back your childhood memories to come up with effective ideas. Try to remember what kind of animals challenge you. If you have children or work around them, you can also observe their reactions clearly once they see a certain animal.


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