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how to make a picture collage

how to make a picture collage

A collage is simply a group of pictures and other art materials that are creatively combined, yielding a single work of art. The term collage originated from the French word colle, which means to glue. Discovered during the late 13th century, collages are an art form that can utilize pictures, ribbons, texts, beads and much more. This article will focus on how to make a picture collage, so the majority of the artwork will be composed of images. A picture collage is made by pasting a series of pictures on any blank canvas, such as construction paper or bond paper. The arrangement of the pictures should suggest that another image or design is present. There are also times where you can arrange the pictures in any manner that you want. That is the beauty of a collage — there are no strict rules, no specific designs. Just aim for whatever looks pleasing to you. Today, making a photo collage is even easier thanks to new products on the market. There are editing programs, such as Adobe, Photoscape and Picasa, that you can just install on your computer.

These programs enable you to create endless designs for your photo collages. You can also rely on photo editing websites on the Internet. Below is a general set of instructions for using these programs.

  1. First, gather your pictures on your computer. If you are about to make a couple of collages, group the pictures and save them in one folder per collage. Also, if you think that some of the pictures require editing, such as cropping or enhancements, you should do it ahead of time. The editing programs are perfect for these jobs.

  2. Open up the program you want to use in this particular project. Consider which program are you most comfortable with using.

  3. Generally, upon opening any kind of editing program, you will be given a couple of options. Locate the “collage” option and click it. This will lead you to the collage section of the program.

  4. The next thing that you have to do is upload the pictures. Locate this option and select the pictures you want to use. Since you already segregated the pictures prior to this step, this will be very easy. To select several pictures at a time, hold the Ctrl button while choosing the images. Hit the upload option. The uploading process may take several minutes. Note that some websites require you to use a specific amount of pictures.

  5. The next step is to choose the template that you want. There will be several options. Choose the one that best fits your project. You might also be asked to select the background color.

  6. Upon choosing the template, you will automatically see the pictures that you chose. At this point, you can rearrange the pictures and adjust their sizes.

  7. You can edit the borders and add a couple of additional designs to the collage itself.

  8. Make sure that you save it properly. If you are using an online editing site, you will have the option to upload it and share it on your social networking accounts.

Following the steps on how to make a picture collage isn't that hard. It’s a fun, quick and easy process.


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