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how to make a picture frame

how to make a picture frame

How to make a picture frame is manageable even for people with minimal woodworking skills. This is the best alternative if you need a frame that is easy to do but will survive the test of time. However, you have to equip yourself by getting the essential tools and materials. Custom-made frame supplies will save you a lot of time. It is wiser to resort to this option than to go through the polishing process of raw materials. You can just decorate the frame to personalize it according to your wishes. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make one:

  1. Measure the photograph or artwork prior to sawing the stock. It will be the basis for the final dimensions of the frame that you are going to make. If you want to eliminate this from the process, it will prove to be more economical to just bring the picture to the local hobby shop where they can pre-cut the matting stock. This will be more beneficial when you have to do more than one frame.

  2. Trim the frame parts for a perfect fit.

      The best thing to do is to dry fit it. There will be no problem fitting them together when each part of the frame is properly cut. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to do the trimmings yourself. Although, never try to trim down a mitered edge. It will lead to bad results that will make the material useless. Lightly sand it instead to be more in control with your stock.

  3. Use strong glue like epoxy when gluing the parts of the frame. The attachment will be very firm because the end grain of the frame will be held tightly by the glue. Do not touch the settings of the frame parts glued together before its curing period.

  4. Just to make your frame a bit fancy, you can do a different edge design in the front or outside edge of the frame. Classic Roman and Ogee Fillet are designs that use a bead for the outside edge. Do not take more than half of the wood fiber when inserting the bead to retain the frame’s nice appearance and durability.

  5. Another decorating technique is the use of contrasting wood for corner splines. This unique frame joinery idea will surely gather appreciation from most recipients of frames given as gifts. Walnut and mahogany corner splines will greatly enhance the attractive nature of the frame’s design. You can install this with the help of a table saw with a V-jig to cut the portion that has to be replaced with another material.

  6. Once the beautiful, picture frame is completed, you will be proud showing your masterpiece to anyone before giving it as a present. Don’t forget to brand your signature. This handicraft is a good souvenir for your efforts and talents as time passes by whichever household this frame happens to beautify.

  7. Apply some wax or polyurethane for your finishing touches. This will prevent some wear or stress in the future. You can also opt for a high-quality oil finish for a highly-improved luster.

Customized picture frames are the best gifts for those people who seem to have everything. They will always have some pictures that have sentimental value that deserve to be hung on the wall. This is a great advantage for you if you know how to make a picture frame. You won’t have any headaches at all if you will make use of this for the upcoming occasion.


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