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How to make a pine cone wreath

How to make a pine cone wreath

One of the most popular organic wreaths during Christmas is made of dried pine cones. It has an overall classic effect for various home settings whether it is casual or formal. It can be easily decorated with your choice of colors because the organic base can match any pastel colors. How to make a pine cone wreath is so easy even a five-year-old can do it. It just boils down to how stylish you can become in creating your own. You might consider selling some of them when you have plenty of pine cone supplies. Here’s where to start:

  1. Completely gather your materials before settling down at your working table. You will need a foam wreath form, small, gold encrusted pine cones, foam brush, and gold paint as the main components of the wreath. Do not miss the supporting materials or equipment like glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, and tacks. Use your creativity when choosing the color for the ribbon. At least a yard of two-inch-wide ribbon will be sufficient. Other ornaments like beads can also be useful.

  2. Set up the work area that will make it conducive for the task.

    Cover the table with old newspaper to protect it from the glue and paint risks. Warm up the glue gun by plugging it in first before you start the work. Have that resistant pad ready where the hot glue gun can rest upon during the process.

  3. Paint the foam wreath form with gold. This will conceal the white foam in-between the pine cones. They will blend totally with the natural color of the pine cones.

  4. Segregate the pine cones according to their sizes. Use the larger ones around the center of the wreath as the base lining. You can insert florist wires into each of them for a stronger foundation. Wire them in place only when you have visualized the design that you intend to make.

  5. Be artistic when arranging the smaller pine cones. You can form them into spirals or attach them like a grapevine around the base of the larger pine cones. Make sure that the arrangements will be balanced all throughout the wreath before gluing them permanently.

  6. Finish gluing the well-arranged smaller cones and add glue also to the base of the large pine cones to stabilize them on the wreath. Shake gently to test the stability of the wreath after the glue has dried.

  7. You can highlight your motif by using decorations following your choice of color to the glued pine cones. Gluing some red beads or plastic flowers around the wreath following a certain type of design will be an added attraction. Try them on first before gluing to make sure that they will fit the wreath perfectly.

  8. Attach the ribbon to the wreath however you want it. You can weave it around as a sash or form a bow and attach it at the base of the wreath with a florist’s wire.

  9. Fuse two florist wires together to form a sturdy hook for your wreath. Twist both ends together and securely attach at the top of the wreath. See how it looks as it hangs right in front of you.

If these procedures on how to make a pine cone wreath inspire you, you can explore for more designs and techniques to use especially if you are doing this commercially. Your work can be exceptional even if using only simple ornaments. The key is in the quality of craftsmanship. You should allocate enough time for each wreath.


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