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how to make a pirate costume for kids

how to make a pirate costume for kids

Dressing up is one of the best activities for kids to pass the time. They love to wear amazing costumes of their favorite cartoon or movie characters. During the annual celebration of Halloween, children always look for weird and amazing costumes of different characters. Well, how to make a pirate costume for kids is quite a problem for many parents. Fortunately, the costumes, as well as the pirate’s accessories, are easy to make. Always remember that adding costumes to the kid’s game play is also a lot of fun. Not only that; it also develops their imaginations. That is why, when you see a kid wearing a pirate costume, they are so proud of it that you can see of happiness in their innocent faces, and the pleasure it gives them to be able to dress in the costumes of their favorite characters. So, let’s find out now how easy to make this costume:

  1. Be innovative and creative. You know very well that a lot of your wardrobe is not worn anymore, right? Okay, find some of those items in your old closet and get them redesigned by an expert wardrobe tailor.

    ll the tailor what you envisage from this old clothing after modifications have been made. Of course, don’t forget to also tell the tailor that you want a complete pirate outfit including loose, pajama-type pants, bandanas, shirts, vests, leather belts and old-style hats.

  2. Involve the kids in your activity. You need to ask the kids what older clothes they want remodeled into a pirate’s outfit. Just let them become part of the process and they will be more excited about the modified outfit that they can wear for a party. Kids have choices, so you need to ask them which one of the pirate crew they want to be – Captain Jack Sparrow, the lookout, the first mate or other characters from movies or cartoons. Remember that these costumes can be adjusted. It all depends on what the kids’ choices are.

  3. Begin assembling the costumes. If you are the kids’ parents and you know you can do it yourself, then you should start assembling the components of the costume to help them look like a convincing pirate. For example, if your kid wants a Captain Jack Sparrow costume, you need to design a hat, collared shirt and a vest. Of course, you can’t forget the pirate’s captain’s loose pants and, perhaps, a pair of boots. On the other hand, if your kid wants to dress up as a regular crewman, you can design cut off shorts and a vest or work shirt. According to the stories, pirates often wore stolen clothing and this means that only the higher-ups would have had matching suits.

  4. Cut-off long pants. For an authentic look, you really need to cut off long pants in order to complete your modification process and fit the children’s need. You can either hem them or leave a ragged edge so that it will really look like the official outfit of a real pirate. Belts, including bandoliers or sword belts, should be included.

  5. Complete the accessories. You also need pirate accessories to complete the outfit, so that it will look real in the eyes of the kids as well as those other partygoers such as the kids’ parents. Bandanas worn on the pirate’s forehead can easily help to create the look of a pirate. You can also include clip-on hoop earrings to add a touch of the buccaneer.

Now that you have completely redefined the look of your old clothing into a pirate outfit, you know all about how to make a pirate costume for kids. Welcome to the kids’ costume party!


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