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how to make a purse cake

how to make a purse cake

Knowing how to make a purse cake will not only highlight your baking and artistic talent, it will also make you very popular with mothers, fashionistas and friends. It is useful to develop your skills in this regard. Moreover, your fans will increase with the delight of feasting on a confection that’s delicious both to the eyes and to the palate. Making a purse cake is quite easy and fun when you have the basic cake decorating skills. If you’re not quite confident with your skills yet, then a purse cake will give you enough of a challenge to make learning exciting, while at the same time not too daunting as to be discouraging. Just take your time and enjoy the process and before you know it, you will have a mouth-watering purse cake to delight friends and family.

  1. Find a design or make of the purse that you want to copy. You may want a purse cake that’s an exact replica of an “it” bag, such as the Birkin. Or you may want a very girly confection for a little girl’s birthday. Either way, be realistic with your skills, especially with regard to details of the purse.

  2. Make templates of all the accents that you need on the purse: pockets, corner protectors, leather tabs, zipper details, etc. Also, make a template for the shape of the purse itself. Make sure the accents are the right proportion for the size of your cake.

  3. Depending on the shape of the purse, choose a round or rectangle cake for your base. Cut the cake according to the template you made.

  4. Cover the cake with buttercream icing in the color you want the purse cake to be.

  5. Make fondant shapes according to the accent templates you made, also in the color you need them to be. Use a cutter embosser tool to simulate the look of handstitching on the accents and on the purse. Mark the seams as well to give the purse a more realistic look.

  6. Use a bit of clear vodka or piping gel applied with a brush to adhere the fondant shapes to the buttercream. Continue adding the accents and building up the details. For example, use dragees for metal accents where applicable, piping flowers, logos or “embroidery” as needed.

  7. For the handle, you could make a flat fondant shape that hangs flat on the sides of the bag. Or you could make fondant ropes mixed with tylose powder, attached with piping gel. Since this is stronger, you can have them standing and propped with rolled up parchment paper while waiting to dry.

  8. When making zipper details, you can use the embosser tool or an actual real zipper, provided it’s clean, which you can press on the fondant so that the teeth leave an impression. The zipper should be one with distinct details used for purses; invisible zips and those for clothing will not leave enough detail. If you want to increase your stress level (and consequently, your bragging skills when you pull it off – pun unintended), you could go for an open zipper. Just make sure the zipper template and the fondant shape you make from it is the right size and length. The curves and creases on the zipper can be worked into it when you attach it to the bag, carefully shaping and adhering it with vodka or piping gel.

Purse cakes are great for theme parties, showers, and special occasions for special people. It is worth all the trouble for the special delight it gives the recipient and the people who get to enjoy it. If you know how to make a purse cake, you will never lack fans to drool over your creation.


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