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how to make a Santa hat

how to make a Santa hat

Part of what makes Christmas such a lovely holiday, aside from the reason to commemorate the birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, is the love shared and felt among family and friends. Holiday traditions abound to celebrate that love. Traditions also serve to uphold values and keep happy family memories. One such tradition, Santa Claus, holds a firm place in the celebration as the embodiment of generosity, merriment and festivity. Wearing a Santa hat is enough to put people in a joyful mood. There’s no better way to greet guests at the door than with a Santa hat to prepare them for the celebration ahead. Learn how to make a Santa hat to give and greet guests with at your Christmas bash.

  1. Make a pattern. This is very important if you’re planning to make several hats, as it will make the cutting much easier and faster. Draw a triangle 14 inches wide (eight to 12 inches for children) and 22 inches long (or measure the circumference of your head and use that for the length. For children, adjust length accordingly).  Draw the base of the triangle in an arc, with the widest part opposite the point of the triangle.

    t out.

  2. Whether you want to make just one or many Santa hats, prepare the following for each hat:

    - a piece of white felt or craft fur inches wide and 22 inches long (or the circumference of your head plus one inch sewing allowance – adjust size for adults or children)

    - a piece of triangular fabric, which may be red felt, craft fur or another suitable fabric the same size as your pattern

    - white craft pompom one inch in diameter

    You will also need scissors, tape measure or ruler, needle and thread or a glue gun and stick.

  3. Sew or glue the wrong sides of the red triangle fabric to form a cone shape. If using napped fabric (velvet, craft fur, etc.), make sure that the nap sides are on the inside of the cone and you’re sewing on the wrong side. Turn the cone inside out so that the nap sides are now on the outside.

  4. Sew or glue the short sides of the white rectangle together to form a tube, again making sure the nap is on the inside and that you’re sewing on the wrong side. Turn so that the seam is on the inside.

  5. Attach the white tube to the bottom of the cone, making sure that both nap sides are facing out. You could sew or glue the white strip around the bottom of the cone. Alternatively, you could match nap sides together and attach the edges of the white and red fabrics together in a seam.

  6. Sew or glue the pompom to the tip of the cone. You could use a tassel or a piece of the white material if there’s no pompom to be found. Or you could make your own pompom with yarn.

Note: If you glued the pieces together instead of sewing, allow the glue to dry completely before using. Exercise caution when using scissors, needle and thread, glue gun and stick when children are around. Your Christmas celebration will surely have a more festive air when someone, or everyone, is wearing a Santa hat. You could make the hats as a Christmas craft for kids, as props for games or photo shoot, as gag gifts or in lieu of party hats. Whatever you decide to do with the hats, these tips on how to make a Santa hat should come handy.


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