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how to make a screen printing press

how to make a screen printing press

Wrong decisions can make our life miserable, but sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. Rushing to buy a secondhand four-color screen can cost lots of money. Maintenance and modifying costs will also add up for it. If you’re not careful, you can be pushed towards the edge to bankruptcy. On the other hand, if you are wise enough to learn from your mistakes, you can easily start all over again, and this time it will be slowly but surely. Lessons learned on how to make a screen printing press are compiled in this article. Take it from the people who have been there by checking on these guidelines:

  1. A 15-inch by 17-inch piece of plywood is appropriate for the shirt board. Thereafter, a 2-inch by 4-inch to 29-inch long piece of cut plywood is good for the beam. They must have a mitered cut at one end to be angled at 45 degrees. Cut another piece measuring 24 inches by 7 inches for the clamp base. Then construct the clamp components by cutting 2 pieces of 3/4-inch pine to 2 1/2 inches wide and 24 inches long plywood.

  2. Use wood screws to mount the shirt board on the beam.

    he tip of the shirt board must extend past the mitered end of the beam by 2 inches. Screw the clamp base to the other end of the beam. It should be even with the end.

  3. Prepare the two clamp pieces. Drill a 3/8’s inch hole about an inch from each end. The holes that are lining up will allow carriage bolts to pass through the two boards. Place one clamp piece on the beam near the clamp base. The strip hinge should be positioned across the seam.

  4. Screw the hinge to both the clamp piece and the clamp base. Make sure that it’s possible for the clamp piece to flip up away from the beam. Attach the second clamp piece above the mounted clamp piece. Test the assembly of this part by sliding the carriage bolts up and through both boards. Do the same for sliding the washers onto the bolts. Secure the wing nuts by screwing them into the bolts.

  5. Tightly screw an eye screw into the center of the clamp piece on top going to the front side. The other eye screw must be mounted in the middle of the clamp base but this time towards the backside.

  6. Add in some rubber bands to the eye screw on the clamp base. A plastic zip tie must be used to attach the rubber bands to the other eye screw. Choose the number one size for the rubber bands. The screen must be firmly mounted to the clamps for convenience in pulling the screen down when printing the shirt.

  7. Use 18-inch by 22-inch frames for the screens. This kind of screen printing press will be more comfortable to operate when mounted on a sturdy bench. Leave the shirt board part hanging out by bolting down the clamp base portion.

How to make a screen printing press can get started by utilizing homemade tools. A brand new four-color screen printing machine is brilliant. But will it be useful in the long run? Since most clients are saving their printing costs, it’s seldom that a small, printing press would get the chance to print more than one color. It is safer to think it through first before deciding to buy any heavy-duty printing devices. Experience will teach you how to build your own screen printing press that will suit your business better.


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