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how to make a soldering iron

how to make a soldering iron

Soldering iron has various uses. It is a vital tool in making stained glasses, mosaics, and other arts and crafts. Jewelry making and certain house projects also use this tool. For many project, it is useful to know how to make a soldering iron and build one for your own convenience. To make one, gather the following materials: pencil with graphite lead, utility knife, insulated wire, electric tape, and pliers.

  1. Prepare your work space. A soldering iron can be a dangerous tool, and making one can also be risky if you are not careful. Keep a trash bag by your side, so you can dispose unwanted stuff right away.

  2. Get a pencil with graphite lead. Using a sharp knife, cut the pencil vertically in half without cutting the graphite inside the pencil. That is the material that we will be using.

  3. Once the graphite is exposed, carefully take it out of the casing and sharpen one end while keeping the other side flat. Throw the rest of the pencil away.

  4. Cut the insulate wire about an inch longer than the graphite piece. With long nosed pliers, make two circular loops in the wire. The size of the loops should be just a little bigger than the diameter of the graphite.

  5. Put the graphite through the two loops. You can then adjust the loops to hold the graphite better. Add a loop if you feel the need to do so.

  6. Wrap the end of the wire (not the graphite end) with about 2 inches of electrical tape or any tape that is heat resistant.

  7. Cut another wire three times the size of the graphite piece.

  8. With the long nosed pliers, make a loop big enough to fit the graphite piece. The sharp graphite end should protrude out of the loop.

  9. Make two loops at the end of the wire. One loop will be at the end of the electrical tape and the second loop at the start of the tape. Measure the loops so that it can fit both ends of the wire with tape.

  10. Slip the wire with graphite into the second wire. The end with the one loop should be at the graphite piece, and the two loops at the wire with tape. Make sure that all is in place and both wires are attached. Adjust the loops if you need to. You now have the body of the iron.

  11. Use the extra wire to make the handle. There are no rules in making, this but you can imitate the handle of a gun. It all depends on your grip and what you are comfortable with. Wrap with tape for added comfort if you want.

Knowing how to make a soldering iron to tailor fit your needs in terms of size can save you from a lot of work. Try making one for yourself. Ask for advice in terms of powering the homemade soldering iron to avoid any problems with short circuiting.


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