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How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo

Tattoo is both an art and a form of body modification. Many cultures in the world view this art as an expression of character and humor. When you get a tattoo, an indelible ink is inserted via needles into the upper most layer of the skin known as the dermis. Once the ink is deposited, it leaves a permanent mark. Today, however, you can learn how to make a temporary tattoo. Designing temporary tattoos is not just for fun and self-expression since it’s also a kind of business. Today, more people opt for a temporary tattoo than a permanent one. Though temporary, the tattoo can last for days before it naturally disappears. If you want to know the nitty-gritty details of making a temporary tattoo, read on below.

  1. Think of a design. Use your imagination and think of a design that you really want. Remember that the tattoo will last for some days; thus, any mistake on the design may take some time for it to be removed. You can also search the internet for more tattoo designs for free.

  2. Choose a temporary tattoo medium.

    You can use a temporary tattoo medium, such as henna, body paint, or nail polish. You can buy a henna or jagua temporary tattoo kit from the nearby craft store or online. The advantage of using it is that it already includes the ingredients and directions on how to apply the skin dye; the kit also has stencils or tattoo designs that you can consider.

  3. Draw a tattoo design. Make a drawing of your tattoo design on a temporary tattoo paper; this will give you a taste of how the design will look.

  4. Clean and shave the skin. Clean and well-shaved skin is very important when you want a temporary tattoo. Clean skin allows the medium to properly penetrate; thus, the tattoo will last longer. Just make sure that the tattoo firmly adheres onto the skin.

  5. Mix the solution and the drying pigment. With a henna tattoo, the dry pigment and solution should be mixed in accordance with the instructions on the tattoo kit. Wait for about an hour or two before using the mixture. Once ready, apply the tattoo mixture onto the tattoo paper where your design is drawn and allow it to dry. Once dried, place the henna tattoo face-down on your skin and put a damp sponge on top. Allow the sponge to remain therein for 25 to 30 minutes.

  6. Apply the ink to the skin. As for jagua, the process is very simple. Just open the lid of the ink’s dispenser and apply it to your skin. Allow the ink to dry for hours. Thereafter, scrape the ink and you will see a light gray color appear; sometimes, you see nothing. However, within a period of 24 hours, your designed tattoo will appear in black.

  7. Paint the design. In case you choose a face paint tattoo medium, just simply paint the design on your skin using a paint brush for each color you wish to paint. You can also use small paint sponges. If your tattoo has multiple colors, after applying each color, allow it to dry first before applying the next colors.

Learning how to make a temporary tattoo is relatively simple. The art would depend on the temporary tattoo medium you plan to use. The basic steps above will help you make an artistic skin tattoo in the simplest way. In addition, just follow the instructions provided in the tattoo kit. For a better and long lasting effect, use talcum powder and a tattoo finishing spray.  


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