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how to make a toy car

how to make a toy car

Making toy cars to kill time will be a good idea for a parent and the child in the house as well. How to make a toy car needs only resourcefulness on the part of the maker. No need for store-bought materials for the base and the accessories of the toy. You can make use of the things that you’ve been storing all this time. Go as simple or as grand as your materials will allow because whatever you can come up with will be surely appreciated. Only children grow up fast. So constant toy making might be necessary to fit their ages. Here’s how to do it:

  1. You will need to find a small box from your storage room. Any rectangular box will do such as a tissue box or a shoe box. Just make sure that the width of the box selected is narrower than the length of the pencil that you are going to insert on the sides later on. Remove any plastic covering from the box to allow easy piercing. Try not to damage the box.

  2. Imagine the wheels of a car. It will need some axles to attach the tires on them.

    ake the corresponding holes on the sides where you can insert the hinges of the toy car. Make the diameter of the holes just right for the circumference of the pencil. You can use a sharpened tool like a knife to make the holes. There must be four holes in total to pass the hinges through. In this case, pencils are used as toy car hinges.

  3. Insert one pencil from one side of the front hole to the opposite front hole. Then, do the same to the next pencil inserting from one hole in the rear side to the other side. Move them around a bit to check if they can move freely just like the axles of a car. Find four identical bottle caps to resemble the wheels. Apply some glue to the middle part. When dry, attach to the ends of each protruding pencil.

  4. The caps must be firmly held at the right placements until the glue has completely dried. Check all four wheels to make sure that they are all firmly attached to the pencil hinges.

  5. Open the front part of the box that resembles the windshield. Insert another smaller cap with the top side facing the front to resemble the steering wheel just below the opening. Use half of each of the pencils to hold it by gluing one side of it just in front of the driver’s seat and the other end with the small cap.

  6. Spray the toy car with acrylic paints. You can design it to resemble your own car or a racing car that children recognize. The tires must be in black. Imitate the silver part of the tires when painting. You can use a permanent marker or real silver paint.

  7. The more, the merrier. Children will have more fun if they can play around with more than one toy car. This will enhance their competitive nature. You can organize a car racing contest using these items and you’ll save money having fun without going out somewhere where you are obliged to spend.

If you have the carpentry skill, wooden toy cars will be more durable. But if you want to have some activities with the children during weekends, the cardboard toy car will be easier to handle. Design how to make a toy car that stimulates the mind of your young people. Take note that children have short attention spans and will need new diversions every time you play with them.


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