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how to make a toy chest

how to make a toy chest

Make sure to have a toy chest at home when you have children. This will keep the place tidy and orderly at all times without much supervision. To your children’s delight, they are entering toy land whenever they open the toy chest. How to make a toy chest is easy for those who love carpentry. If you do not have the skills at all, ask someone to do it for you, or by just following these directions below:

  1. Choose a fine wood that matches your furnishing in the house. They must be flat and polished properly so that there will be no need for additional work cleaning them up.

  2. A 1-inch by 10-inch 4-foot-long piece of wood will be ideal to construct the surface length of the toy chest which is 34 inches long and the width measuring at 13 1/2 inches. The same will do on the opposite sides to form a rectangular box.

  3. The lids can be constructed from a 6-foot, 1-inch by 8-inch board. Each lid should measure 34 inches long to cover the elongated part.


  4. A piece of plywood is good enough for the bottom of the box. The size must be 32 1/2 inches by 13 1/2 inches to fit the frame exactly.

  5. Do not nail down the prepared parts yet. The edges must be smooth enough not to injure children, so they must be sanded properly. Create a pattern for the handles. They can be rounded, elongated, or diagonally designed patterns. Make two of them and match them together to make sure that they are equal.

  6. Make the framework first so that your structure is supported at every step of the way. This will make the job less complicated. Attach the flooring of the chest first before nailing the sides. Lock the sides with corner braces by screwing them at the top part of the side piece. Add the end pieces using corner brackets for every end-to-bottom piece.

  7. Attach the two lid pieces on the top of the chest securing both sides and the bottom parts. Install the strap hinges on each lid making 3 hinges in total, and place the lid pieces to the chest in connection with the hinges. This must be properly connected to the chest sides.

  8. Once you have all the parts done and measured up to the framework, separate them once again to give way to a more comfortable painting process. If using stencils or freehand layouts are intended, these must be done prior to the application of the polyurethane. Do not neglect the application for the internal parts. Let them dry thoroughly.

  9. Finally, assemble the toy chest. Nail the pieces down if you want a permanent hold, or apply wood glue to make the setup sturdier. The toy chest can be subjected to harsh handling by the children, so it is important to make them properly fastened so as not to make it fall apart when the little ones are climbing all over it.

You may allow the children to help when building the toy chest. How to make a toy chest is really an adult’s responsibility. However, they can assist in the sanding and painting processes. Sawing and nailing must be done by an adult to avoid accidents. Children may be too excited to make use of the toy chest as soon as they see it being assembled. However, it is best not to allow them to use it prematurely to really make sure that the toy chest is as durable as it can be. It is certainly a valuable possession for everyone in the family.


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