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how to make a toy parachute

how to make a toy parachute

Toys come in many forms, but their purpose remains the same, that is, to delight and amuse kids. Instead of buying commercial toys, which can be expensive, making your own can save money. The best alternative could be then learning, for instance, how to make a toy parachute. You and your children can do it together and have time to bond. And you do not have to buy costly materials. All you need is a bandanna or any old article of clothing, a string, a washer, scissors, cutter, and a slightly heavy object. Here are the steps that can guide you on how to make a good toy parachute.

  1. Gather materials. Look for old items that can be recycled so you can do away with some expense.

  2. Prepare the main body of the parachute. Cut four pieces of string, yarn, or similar material of the same length. Tie each to a corner of the bandanna. The string must be strong enough to hold small objects, such as the washer, that will be attached to make the parachute work properly.

  3. Tie the other ends of the four strings together.

  4. Tie an object onto the string to give it some weight so the parachute can fall down and open up properly as it glides in the air. To make the toy parachute work perfectly, the weight of the hanging object is also a factor. Hence, the object must neither be too heavy nor too light.

You and your kids are now ready to enjoy the new toy. Throw it as high as you can so that the cloth can have time to open up. And you don’t have to worry about any toxic or dangerous components as it is homemade with relatively safe materials without the addition of any chemicals. There are many other beautiful variations on how to make a toy parachute, which means you can experiment with larger handkerchiefs, different strings, and objects. The fun never ends.


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