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How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

Every woman dreams of having her perfect wedding with the beautiful white dress and flowers all around. However, the perfect wedding can be a bit of an expense venture as well. Most couples choose to hire professionals to do all the wedding details from a wedding planner to a florist. However, if you are thinking of saving yourself some expense or if you simply want to add a more personal touch to this very important event, then you can actually make the wedding bouquets yourself, both the one for the bride and those for the bridesmaids. Learning how to make wedding bouquets is not as hard as it seems, all you need is patience, precision and a good aesthetic sense. Here are the steps you can follow to make your own wedding bouquets:

  1. Choose the flowers. Choose a batch of flowers at the budding stage or at the early bloom stage. Make sure that they are fresh and that they complement or match the wedding’s color themes and other floral arrangements at the occasion. Cut the stem to around 8 to 9 inches to provide stem space for the arrangement.

    Remove all the thorns and leave just enough leaves deemed necessary for your arrangement. Some florist prefer to remove all the leaves altogether.

  2. Prepare the materials. You will need the following materials to make your bouquet:

    Flower cutter

    Floral tape

    Satin or silk ribbons

    Pearl tipped straight pins

    Clear set or hair spray

    A vase of tap water

    Flower food or antibacterial powder

    (optional) bouquet embellishment such as pearl strings or tulle fabric

    Arrange the flowers. Firstly, take the largest bloom and use it as the bouquet’s centerpiece. Take three flowers and arrange equally around the first flower. Take six blooms and arrange in the same manner around the three flowers. Repeat the process until you get the desired size for your bouquet. Eighteen flowers in a round arrangement is a good size to go for.

  3. Secure the arrangements. Make sure you secure your bouquet with floral tape every three to six flowers or so. Always bind at the same spot. Widen the binding as necessary but always on the same spot. Cut the stem to the desired length giving space for holding.  Once you have reached the desired bouquet size, bind the stem with silk or satin ribbon, leaving around an inch or unbound stem at the bottom. Secure the binding with the pearl tipped pins by sticking them in a straight line down the stem in an upward motion.

  4. Add embellishments. If you want to wrap tulle fabric around the arrangement or perhaps underneath it like a skirt, you may do so with consideration to the color and size of your arrangement. Add other embellishments as preferred. Make sure to secure so that they won’t fall off.

  5. Spray with clear set. After you are finished with your arrangement, spray it with clear set or hair spray to preserve it.

  6. Refrigerate. If you are still hours from the event, try to refrigerate the bouquet by putting it on a vase with tap water mixed with flower food powder. Leave the arrangement inside the vase for at least four hours.

In knowing how to make wedding bouquets, you would probably need a few more pairs of hands, especially if you have decided to make the bridesmaids’ bouquets yourself as well. It can serve as a good bonding activity for the bride and her maids before the big day.


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