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how to make a wedding cake

how to make a wedding cake

Commercially designed wedding cakes are very grand and attractive, but what about the taste? Homemade cakes are often patronized because they are really delicious and filled with quality ingredients. But what about how to make a wedding cake when you only know how to bake quality cakes for eating purposes and not as decorative masterpieces? This article will make you realize that it’s not impossible to make one that will surely satisfy not only the taste but the sight of your customers.  Here is how to get started.

  1. Get some ideas from other wedding cake presentations. Commercial wedding cakes often have added  foam covered with icing just to enhance the size and look of the cake. You can still make a grand cake without these props by using a flamboyantly layered stand. If it’s a double-sided, five layers stand, you do not have to fill each section with a solid, nine-inch wide three-inch thick cake. You can bake cupcakes with the same flavor and arrange them to contain the rest of the layers.

  2. Stick with the recipe for the flavor that your customer is used to unless you are requested to do a special wedding cake for them because they really like everything in your homemade product.

    basic qualities of the cake are exactly what they crave.  They hope that you can enhance the arrangement to fit the occasion, however. If they like their carrot cake with cream cheese icing, be sure to follow their desires. Create a shape that will match the stand. Determine how many tiers are suitable for the number of guests. If they are just requesting a special cake for the symbolic cutting, no need to make as many as what the guests will consume.

  3. Fill or cover the cakes on the surface with fondant icing. The smooth and white effect it can make for the wedding cake is just right for the occasion. If the base of the cake is rugged like in the case of a fruit cake. Cover the base of the cake with marzipan first. You can also add buttercream to sponge cakes.

  4. Give special care to decorating the cake. Remember that this is a wedding cake that you are making. Special additions to enrich the looks are expected:  a ribbon at the bottom of the stand, fresh flowers, sugar-coated designs and, of course, the cake topper must follow the motif. The topper can also symbolize the characteristics of the couple. It can be formal, funny, sentimental, or candid.

  5. Assemble the cake in such a way that the foundation is sturdy and strong. You will need cake boards, large rolling pin for the icing, cake smoother, dowels if you have to stack the cakes on top of the other. Cake boxes are useful to transport unassembled parts of the cake. You will also need a suitable cake stand and cake spacers if you are assembling a taller cake. This will extend the height of the cake without adding so much weight to the foundation holder. You can also make use of toothpicks to lock the cake topper in place if the top surface of the cake is not flat.

Next time you are challenged to go out of your way to find easier alternatives on how to make a wedding cake, think of the above recommendations. You’ll be surprised how attractive your homemade wedding cake can become. It can even look nicer than the ones made by professionals. They can actually be superior because they are not only more nutritious but also the exclusive favorites that your patrons are happy with.


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