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how to make a wooden toy box

how to make a wooden toy box

If you have plenty of toys at home, and you do not know how to organize them, then it is time for you to learn how to make a wooden toy box to display all your toys. To make a wooden toy box, you will need ¾-inch thick plyboard, pencil, steel tape, carpenter’s square, cross-cut saw, sand paper, 1 and ½ inch screws or you can use 1 and ½ nails, portable power drill, wood putty, wood glue, wood primer, paint brush, paint, and 3 spring-loaded safety hinges. Experience the fun of building a toy box by following these simple steps.

  1. Draw your working plan. The work plan will serve as your guide on the construction of the box. With a good work plan in hand, you have an overview of materials and cost estimates.

  2. Buy the necessary materials. If you do not have the materials and tools at home, then go to the nearby hardware store and buy the materials that you need. Look for sales from one store to another to save some money.

  3. Gather materials.

    rong> Provide a separate working table for your materials. Do not just lay the materials on the floor or on the ground. Keep them beyond the reach of children and in your vicinity.

  4. Follow safety precautions. Safety is everything. Wear appropriate working clothes and other necessary gear.

  5. Cut the materials. The first thing to do is to cut your plyboard to the measurements you’ve decided on in your work plan.

  6. Check the angles. With the carpenter square, make sure that the corners of your unfinished toy box, as you attach them one-by-one, are at a 90 degree angle. To ensure a right angle, temporarily nail all the eight corners of the wooden toy box with wood sticks. After temporarily nailing them, put some wood glue on the corners. Let the wood glue dry to allow the four sides of the unfinished box to adhere together.

  7. Finish the sides. Do not remove the temporary sticks until you finally nail all the corners and sides completely together.

  8. Add the bottom. Place the bottom piece on the unfinished box and nail it on.

  9. Apply wood putty. The wood putty will close out the joints on the corners and sides of your toy box. The wood putty helps create a smooth surface and makes the side and corner joints invisible. It also makes all the surfaces even and the screw holes and nail heads invisible.

  10. Sand. By this time, your wooden toy box is close to perfection. Smooth the exterior and interior sides of your toy box with sandpaper. The sandpaper eliminates rough edges. Afterwards, wipe your toy box with a clean cloth to remove the dust generated during the sanding process.

  11. Paint. Put on your primary paint. After it dries, apply your final coating using your desired color. Allow the paint to dry.

A wooden toy box is easy to construct and a practical choice compared to a plastic toy box. If you have some carpentry skills, you don’t have to go to the local furniture shop to buy a wooden toy box. That is both a waste of time and money. These tips on how to make a wooden toy box are doable. Give it a try, and you will see it’s easy. Have fun!  


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