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how to make a wreath

how to make a wreath

Many families put wreaths on their front doors for decorative purposes and often put special ones for the holiday season. This year, considering learning how to make a wreath in preparation for the holidays and personalize your front door décor. Wreath-making is a kind of activity that the whole family can surely enjoy together. Here are few steps that you can follow to make your own wreath.

  1. Find some inspiration online. You can also review your old Christmas magazines at home. Look at the design very closely and study the materials used and how they are connected. You can attempt to copy the design, or you can modify or alter it a little bit.

  2. Prepare the working area. Since you will be using glue, cover the area with old newspapers. Or take it outside and make it more fun and enjoyable for your kids.

  3. Work on the base. There are different bases depending on the wreath style you are trying to achieve.

    If you like to wrap fabric around your wreath, then using a Styrofoam as your base is a good idea. Using pine as base is equally good if you want a classic look for Christmas. Natural pine is a great option because of the wood’s unique aroma. If you have artificial flowers as part of your design, then using wire as a base is appropriate. If you have a number of plants, foliage, and flowers, then using either straw or willow as a base material will work well.

  4. Adorn the base. Once you have identified the wreath style and design you want to work on, go for it. If you want to use fabric, wrap it before you start adding other flourishes and embellishments. Once you have formed your circular base, especially for a wire base, adorning it should begin on the inside and go slowly outward. Make sure what you add balances and fits together. You can try overlapping materials. The end result will look much better if you start from the middle and go outward toward the edges.

  5. Make your wreath natural looking. You can achieve this with freshly cut flowers and leaves. But if you are using artificial decorations and flowers, you have to be very careful with the color combinations. The base should contain full green leaves, and then, you can add three to four large flowers of one color. Then add other colored flowers. Spread them evenly on the wreath.

  6. Observe symmetrical design. This is the key to a successful wreath. Balance and proportion cannot be ignored. Neither one side nor any part of the wreath should look heavier or lighter. If either is the case, then you should make the necessary adjustments by removing or adding embellishments.

Remember that the approach you adopt on how to make a wreath will depend on the materials and base at hand. Experiment and make different types of wreaths and enjoy the rest of the holiday season.


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