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How to Make a Yarn Doll

How to Make a Yarn Doll

For a fun activity, you can teach your kid how to make a yarn doll instead of buying her a new Barbie doll at the department store. The good thing about making yarn dolls is that you are giving your kid something to play with and be proud of at the same time. Read on for the detailed steps:

  1. Gather your materials together. You will need:

    Balls of yarn, preferably in two different colors

    A pair of scissors

    A cardboard piece

  2. First of all, decide how tall you want your doll to be. That will be the basis for the size of the cardboard piece you need to secure. You do not have to use cardboard, just something hard that can serve as your guide. For example, you can use a CD case for a small doll, a mouse pad for a medium-sized doll, and a huge coloring book for a big doll.

  3. Wrap the yarn once around the lengthwise cardboard piece. Secure it by tying a knot.

  4. Continue wrapping the yarn around the cardboard about 100 times, or more if you want your doll to have hair. The more loops you make, the thicker your doll will be. Be careful to wrap the yarn snugly yet not too tightly.

  5. Secure your last loop by tying it to a previous one. You can now cut the yarn.

  6. Cut a small piece of string and slide it between the cardboard and the loops you made.

  7. Slide it up to the top of the cardboard and make a small knot. This will clump all the loops in the center. You can also use a different colored yarn to accentuate the knots.

  8. You can now slide the strings off the cardboard.

  9. If you want your doll to have some hair, pull a few loops out on each side to act as the hair. You will return to this later.

  10. Get another short string and tie it to the spot where you want the doll’s head to be. Don’t be too bothered about whether the head is too high or too low. This can be adjusted later.

  11. Pull out some loops from each side of the clump of strings to serve as the doll’s arms.

  12. Get another short string and tie it on the remaining clump in the middle to create the doll’s waist.

  13. For the arms, tie the wrists and trim the ends to remove the looped ends.

  14. Another option is to braid the arms so that they look different from the rest of the body.

  15. You can either make your yarn doll male or female. To make a female yarn doll, just leave the skirt in place. Cut across the bottom of the skirt to remove the loops.

  16. For a male doll, split the skirt below the waist to make legs. Tie off the ankles. You can braid these legs as you may have done the arms.

  17. As for the hair, you can cut out the loops and braid them at this point.

Your yarn doll may look very simple, but you can exercise your creativity by adding ribbons and other accessories to it. This yarn doll is very easy to make. Hence, it is a perfect bonding-time activity for you and your kid. It is also very economical, since you only need to use yarn to make the whole doll. Indeed, learning how to make a yarn doll is a good pastime for parents and kids alike.


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