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how to make an angel costume

how to make an angel costume

Costumes are almost inevitable for many occasions: Halloween, Christmas, Easter and even Independence Day.  Dressing up is also popular for performances such as plays, dramas and musicals.  One very common costume is that of an angel. This is used on different occasions by different age groups and with different interpretations. There are many stores that have ready-made costumes for sale but why buy when you can learn how to make an angel costume? It is very doable. Angel costumes are commonly seen at Halloween, in Christmas plays and they are even used in choirs.  Adults can have a slightly sexier version of these, especially during Halloween. However, when little children wear them they look adorable and angelic. Here are some simple ways to make a complete angel costume.

  1. An angel basically wears a white dress.  You can look in your wardrobe for a white dress that will possibly pass for an angel dress. Possible candidates are white graduation robes, plain white nightgowns or even a simple white dress can do the job, especially for little girls.

  2. If you can’t find anything, you can use a plain white sheet and follow the pattern for a graduation robe. This can also serve as your angel dress. It doesn't need to be perfect and you can make it on your own, since it is just a plain robe. You can attach gold or silver trim to the edges.

  3. Accessorize the dress by using a gold belt or gold rope. You can also use silver if you want. These accessories will depend on the dress that you use. You can opt not to do this if the white dress can stand alone. Remember that an angel’s costume is simple and heavenly.

  4. One important identifier of an angel costume is the wings. Using white craft foam, draw a template for the wings. There are many wing shapes; choose one that best that represents your costume.

  5. To make the wings angelic, decorate them with feathers. Attach feathers facing down using glue. Start from the bottom of the wings going up. Cover all parts of the foam and overlap the feathers a bit to make it more realistic.

  6. An easier alternative is to decorate it with glitter.  Spread glue thinly and evenly on the wings and then pour the glitter onto the wings, making sure they are completely covered. Let it settle a bit then gently shake off the excess glitter. Attach bands so that you are able to wear the wings like a back pack.

  7. The finishing touch, to complete the costume, is the halo. You can use a plain headband and attach pipe cleaners from the middle going up then round and round to make a halo. If you don’t have a head band the pipe cleaners will do, just use bobby pins to hold it in place.

  8. Don’t forget to match the shoes to the costume. Use white sandals or plain white shoes. You can use stockings, especially for little girls wearing their pretty white dresses. This gives a more angelic look.

Look around you and you can find materials for how to make an angel costume. These are simple ways to make an angel costume without spending too much. There are many other ways to make the wings and the halo. Explore your possibilities in making these. Tailor the costume to the person who will be wearing it and to the occasion that it will be used for. Do not worry too much, for as long as there are the wings, a halo and a white dress, regardless of what materials you used, it will still look like an angel.


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