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How to Make an Outdoor Cat House

How to Make an Outdoor Cat House

Cats that go out of their homes or live outside of the house are more fit than those cats indoors. They have more opportunities to exercise, and they do not overindulge with food. You do not need to own a cat sanctuary to be able to help shelter cats during the winter. Think of how to make an outdoor cat house if you wish to do something for those cats. You’ll never know whether one of the cats that you’re able to rescue inside your outdoor cat house could be your own cat that failed to come back home during one of those chilly nights. Try improvising by building one this way:

  1. Estimate the right size for your outdoor cat house. Consider that you have to furnish it with additional materials and tools for ventilation and insulation purposes. Also understand that cats will not feel so secure inside a spacious place. Straw bedding is a good addition to the cat house because straw can make it warmer and cozier inside for the cat to lie on comfortably with an energy-saving focus.

  2. If your area is prone to extremely cold weather conditions, provide your cat a heating pad for the cat house with weather-resistant connections including an automatic circuit breaker in case the setup becomes electrically grounded.

    hould you need a longer extension cord, opt for the waterproof kind. If you decide to build a wooden cat house, make sure that the wood is treated so that it can last longer.

  3. Find a strategically safe place for the cat house. Cats like to dwell in a cat house more if there are no disturbances in the area where the cat house is. Foot traffic, children playing, and noises from other wild animals or machinery can disturb cats. Also anticipate the direction of the snow or rainfall. The open entrance of the cat house must be away from where snow and rain normally fall. You may add an extended roof for the cat house to prevent heavy snow and rainfall from coming in. Make sure also that you have installed it in an elevated area safe from flooding and from being covered by snow.

  4. Follow the blueprint for the structural format of the cat house. Use straw, wood chips, and other materials of that sort for the bedding. If you have an old carpet, you can cut it up into pieces and glue them down one by one to cover the interior of the cat house to insulate the place. Add a little cedar materials for the bedding or sprinkle a cat-friendly flea powder to avoid the area being infested by fleas. Be aware that fabrics can be moistened outdoors quickly and can easily be penetrated with bacteria.  So do not place towels or blankets inside the cat house.

  5. In areas where there are many stray and feral cats, you’ll do many hopeless cats a favor if you open a part of your property entirely for cats to seek refuge during the winter. If you are worried about your privacy, secure the entrances of your house but make a separate entrance for the cats going into your backyard where they can find cat houses made for them. Even if these cats develop thicker fur and stronger immune systems, they can still be in danger when left wet outdoors in the freezing cold winds. Hypothermia, parasites, respiratory infections, and other illnesses can be fatal when they are also exposed to harsh weather conditions at the same time.

Be serious about how to make an outdoor cat house. To make it right from the start, ask a carpenter to do it for you at a minimal cost. If you don’t care for these poor animals, who will?


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