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How to Make Appetizing Homemade Dog Food

How to Make Appetizing Homemade Dog Food

It could be fun to learn how to make appetizing homemade dog food.  It’s like cooking meals for human consumption. It has to be a balanced meal, but since dogs are meat eaters, the percentage of meat is much higher than carbohydrates and vegetables.  You can be creative, just like a chef preparing a menu. You can utilize any kind of food belonging to each group and some spices too to add flavor and make it appetizing - just stick to the ideal ratio, which is 2:1:1 for meat, vegetable and carbohydrates respectively.  Here are some recipes you can try:

  1. Beef stew – sauté a little garlic in olive oil, put in beef cut into cubes, cover for two minutes and add in 1 cup of water. Simmer the recipe.  When the meat is quite tender, add in potatoes and carrots that have also been cut into cubes.  Turn off the fire when the carrots and potatoes are tender. This is a complete meal as it has protein, vegetables and carbohydrates.  You can prepare this as food for everybody - just add seasoning for the portion that is intended for human consumption.


  2. Patties Galore – mix ground beef with chopped vegetables like carrots and cabbage. Add in mashed boiled potatoes and a half cup of goat cheese. Mix thoroughly. Take about a pound of this mixture and form it into a circle before flattening it. Wrap it in plastic to separate and freeze.  You can give this to your dog raw, fresh from the freezer or steamed.

  3. Turkey delight – cut frozen turkey into strips and sauté this in olive oil until golden brown. Mix in cut vegetables, such as zucchinis, carrots and broccoli, and turn off the fire when the vegetables are already half cooked. Do not overcook them. Add in boiled brown rice, mix all together and serve. You can add some spices as you wish to add more flavor to the dish.

  4. Big bone special - Drop by your butcher’s place and get bones cut 6 to 8 inches long with some meat on them. Give to your dog fresh and let the dog enjoy biting and playing with them. Freeze the remaining bones to keep them fresh. You need not worry about parasites like tape or round worms as freezing will definitely kill them. Never get meat or a bone from the gut area as it is where parasites are normally found.

  5. Chicken tenders – steam chicken and cut vegetables, such as lettuce and cauliflower. Mix this together. Add any available spices you have. Add in boiled oatmeal and mix thoroughly. Serve this warm to your pet dog for a truly sumptuous meal. You may add the oatmeal when it is time for your dog to eat.

Like a chef you can experiment on how to make appetizing homemade dog food. Factors to put into consideration should be nutritive value, cleanliness, flavor, freshness, and cost. Making homemade dog food is the best care you can give to your pet dog.  As we all know, giving your dog commercially available dog food for a prolonged period of time can be very unhealthy for them. It is believed to be the culprit of various kidney problems and cancers in dogs.  It also causes some allergies and skin problems. When preparing your homemade dog meals, make sure you do not include chocolates, nuts, onions and tomatoes as these are not good for them.  Fruits like apples and pears can be given to them too. Feed these recipes to your dog within two or three weeks each time to maintain freshness and increase their appetite. Never serve stale or spoiled food. Consult your veterinarian for any vitamin supplements that your pet may need.


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