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how to make apple juice

how to make apple juice

Everyone must have heard the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Many studies already prove this line to be true. Indeed, drinking a glass of fresh apple juice everyday can bring healthy benefits to the body. However, before we study how to make apple juice correctly, let’s examine what makes this juice so healthy and delicious. Apples are very rich in Vitamins A, B, and C. Apples also contain numerous minerals, including potassium, iron, silicon, phosphorous, and chlorine. While apple juice improves the cardiovascular condition of the body, it also reduces the level of bad cholesterol. Eating an apple not only fights constipation, but it also fights rheumatism and arthritis. For people experiencing liver and kidney disorders, taking more glasses of apple juice can effectively help in addressing such diseases. In addition, because of the high anti-oxidant properties of apples, many are claiming that this fruit is a cancer-preventive. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Prepare the supplies. Clean a large pot, its lid, a sieve or colander, a ladle and a knife.

    so, gather a clean jelly-bag, coffee filter or filter-cheesecloth -- whichever is available. Sugar and cinnamon are both optional depending on your taste preferences and the variety of apples you will use. For the canning process, prepare canning jars, a canner and a jar grabber.

  2. Use good apples. Not all apples are good for the juicing recipe. Pick up naturally sweet ones so you won’t need to add sugar later on. Recommended varieties are Fuji, Gala, Rome and Red Delicious apples. Make sure your apples are fully ripe, not over-ripe. In addition, juicing under-ripe apples will yield a flavorless taste.

  3. Cut the apples. Wash the apples first. Then quarter the apples without peeling them. You can chop them into much smaller pieces if you like. Leave the seeds intact because they will enhance the taste of your apple juice.

  4. Thoroughly clean the jars. First, run the jars in the dishwasher. Sterilize by boiling them for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is to make sure that the jars are thoroughly sanitized. In addition, keeping the jars warm before using them will reduce the risk of untimely breakage.

  5. It’s cooking time. Get your large pot and fill it with four-inch deep water. Add the sliced apples, cover the pot and put it over the stove. Set the stove to medium-high and allow the water to boil properly. Once the water is boiling, set the stove to medium-heat. Continue boiling until the apples become soft, similar to the texture of a baby food. Turn off the stove and let the apples cool down for five minutes.

  6. Strain the cooked apples. Filter your apples to take away the fruit seeds, skins, stems and pulps using your colander or sieve. Line the jelly-bag, coffee filter or filter-cheesecloth on your colander or sieve so that the juice can drip slowly.

  7. Heat up the apple juice. Set your stove to low-heat and heat the juice. As mentioned above, you can add cinnamon to enhance the taste. Taste the juice to determine if there is a need to add sugar. If you have juiced the correct apple varieties, you probably won’t need to add sugar.

  8. Can the apple juice. For the canning process, use your ladle to transfer the juice into the canning jars and replace the lid tightly. Boil the canning jars for about 10 minutes. Remove the jars, and allow them to cool down for 24 hours. Make sure they are tightly sealed. Canning the juice is not really necessary, but if you do so, the juice can last up to a year.

In addition to their expensive prices, it is difficult to tell which commercially made fruit juices are naturally made. The solution is to master the above steps on how to make apple juice so that you can make as many as you like at home.


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