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How to Make Apple Pie Moonshine

How to Make Apple Pie Moonshine

Apple pie moonshine is an alcoholic drink with the familiar taste of apple pie. Moonshine is the grain alcohol used for the cocktail: You can be flexible with the alcohol content. You should learn how to make Apple Pie Moonshine and formulate the recipe to suit your preferences. If you want the drink to have a powerful kick, you should add more alcohol. Otherwise, exercise moderation so that every adult can enjoy it. Make your own version of apple pie moonshine by following these directions:

  1. Put the needed ingredients together in one place. Aside from the 750 ml Moonshine, ½ gallon of apple juice and gallon of cider, you will need 1 cup of white sugar, another cup of brown sugar, and at least 6 pieces of cinnamon sticks. Before deciding on how much alcohol to put in the mixture, shake up the Moonshine bottle that you are about to purchase and check how fast the bubbles dissipate. The alcohol content is high when the bubbles dissipate fast, like in190 proof liquor. The bubbles are small and dissipate slowly in 80-proof liquor.

  2. Prepare the largest stockpot available that can hold at least 2 gallons of this exciting drink.

    Combine ½ gallon of apple juice and the whole gallon of apple cider inside the stockpot. Heat up the mixture on a medium flame.

  3. Wait for the mixture to heat before adding the white and brown sugar. Also, add the cinnamon sticks. Stir the mixture constantly as you bring it to a boil to help the sugar dissolve. You should be able to smell its aroma as it will be steaming. For the delicious drink to have a smooth effect, you will need to make sure that the solution is not sugary.

  4. Turn the flame off and allow the apple drink to cool down. Once the solution reaches room temperature, pour the grain alcohol or Moonshine into it. Limit the alcohol content to 750 ml for a moderate mix. Some would make it up to 1 liter of Moonshine. Ultimately, this comes down to the preferences of the drinkers. The more alcohol you add, the stronger the drink will be. Everclear is a recommended brand of Moonshine for this purpose. However, you need to check if this is available in your area or if there are any restrictions.

  5. Transfer the newly formulated Apple Pie Moonshine into resealable containers, preferably mason jars. This is the typical way to serve the familiar drink. It must feel nostalgic gathering around with family members and friends to savor this perfectly customized drink.

  6. Let the Apple Pie Moonshine settle in the mason jars. You can add one more cinnamon stick to each jar and watch the drink grow in excellence as it matures over 2 or so weeks. The storage location must be ideal or the drink must be stored in a cool, dry place.

When learning how to make Apple Pie Moonshine you will notice that the alcohol content will not be immediately apparent to those who are enjoying the drink. They will not be able to taste it, but they will certainly feel the warmth inside their bodies once the alcohol gets into their systems. Who would think that one could get tipsy from drinking something that tasted like apple pie in liquid form? You can certainly afford to sponsor a long drinking session in the comfort of your home with this tasty drink. But don’t exceed the recommended amount of alcohol. You don’t want anybody getting too drunk in the middle of a great conversation.


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